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The Yellow Cape Cod Holiday Home Series:

13.  The Family Tree~ A Simple But Profound New Christmas Tradition

To kick off the Holiday Home Series, I would like to share the first thing I do every year to prepare for the holidays...Paperwhites.  Beginning November 1st, I start forcing Paperwhite bulbs every two weeks.  By planting them in intervals,  I have blooms throughout the entire season. 

 To me, they are the smell of Christmas.
Watching them grow is like a six week advent calendar.  

Here is what to look for:

(Bulbs-Home Depot)

(Attractive Rocks-The Dollar Tree)

 (Clear Glass Containers-The Dollar Tree)

 Here is how I do it:

Fill the glass containers with rocks until about 1/3 full.
Nestle the bulbs into the rocks with the root end pointing down and the sprout end pointing up. You can usually put more than one bulb in each container depending on the size.

Fill with water until the bottom of the bulb is touching the water (but not submerged or it will rot).


Keep them in a cool dark place until the roots begin to grow (about 1-2 weeks)
Place them in a sunny area and wait for them to sprout.
Check the water level every few days to make sure the roots are wet.
In about six weeks they should begin to bloom.

If they grow so tall that they begin to tip over, tie them to a wooden skewer with a pretty ribbon.
Sometimes a few of them don't make it so I usually assemble extra. 
After mine have bloomed, I like to top the rocks with moss:

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  1. I love that you are doing another series! I really enjoyed the last one and I am guessing this one will be just as great!

  2. I have never done this although i can remember my mamaw doing this in round cookie tins and placing them in the extra bedroom that was always cool and dark. I might give this a try this year.

  3. I have not planted paper whites before but maybe this year. I will be enjoying your series without the pressure of writing everyday for myself. Dianntha

  4. Yay - so glad there are going to be more of these posts - I loved checking in for what was going to come every day!

    xo Kristle

  5. Oh I am overjoyed you are doing a holiday series! I enjoyed the October series here so much! I love the idea of planting the paperwhites every couple of weeks so they are constantly blooming during the Christmas season!

  6. This is going to be a fun series and I can't wait to see more. Forcing bulbs is always fun and adds so much to our holiday decor. Thanks for the "how to!"


  7. Beautiful!!!!!! Sounds so easy too!

  8. Hi Sarah, I do paperwhites and amaryllis too!! Love them, and that lovely fragrance. I will definitely be enjoying your holiday series, your home is so lovely.....can't wait!!!!

  9. Thanks for doing another series, I enjoy your blog! It's my little quiet time to just think and imagine! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

  10. Stopping over from A2Z. I've never tried these before. I'm going to give-it-a-go since you've made it look so easy.

  11. I love paper whites but love your idea of heading to the Dollar Tree! Think I will head out tomorrow and by more!
    You have a wonderful blog - thanks for sharing your talents with all of us.

  12. Loving your Holiday Home Series. Such creative and "do-able" projects. Yours are all beautiful, I'm going on the hunt for a silk amaryllis so I can do the hurricane glass centerpiece idea for my kitchen table.

  13. I pinned the boys room on pinterest! Love the paint in there!! What a beautiful home.

  14. You are one talented lady. I have always thought so but I am just enamored with all that you do. This year's Christmas mantel blew me away. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. All the best to you in 2012!

  15. You're amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing your creative ideas!!

  16. Just found your blog through Pinterest, and love it! I'm signing up to subscribe right now. Merry Christnas!


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