Holiday Home Series: Simple Hostess Gift Everyone Will Love To Receive

Welcome back to The Holiday Home Series.

Two posts in one day...both are pretty quick. I wanted to share this super simple, cost effective and very classy hostess gift idea.

A beautiful, aromatic, fresh and festive Rosemary "tree" in a white pot.  This is the perfect gift for any hostess.  It's a festive holiday decoration that looks good in any kitchen.  It smells like Heaven.'s quite handy for holiday cooking.  

Thrift stores are chock full of pots and planters.  I found 10 small painted white planters for under $3 each (No one will ever know it came from a thrift store unless you tell them.  Just remember a gift ultimately comes from your heart). 
You can find Rosemary at your local greenhouse.  All you have to do is shine up your planter and place the potted plant inside.  To transport the Rosemary Tree I use a brown paper grocery bag turned inside out to protect it from the cold.  

I like to stick our family recipe for Rosemary Red Skin Potatoes inside the card:  

Feel free to print it out and use it, the recipe is delicious.

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  1. So simple and beautiful!! Love the bag and twine!!

  2. simple and soooo CUTE!!! Very THRIFTY too...hop over and sahre it at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY:)


  3. I love this!! I may give one to myself:)

  4. I just picked up one of these for myself at my local nursery and was thinking what a nice hostess gift they would make during the holidays, however, I have to say I love the way your "wrapped" it up and such a sweet, clever idea to include the recipe. xo

  5. How perfect. Are you psychic? I'm about to go see my grown daughter. She's just bought her first house. They are wonderful cooks, and the rosemary tree would be perfect as a housewarming gift!

  6. Nice idea.

    Can you tell me if I can use command strips outside in very cold weather?


  7. I really love this idea. It's so nice to bring something to someone's house, but I always struggle with what to bring. I think I will try this out this Christmas. Thanks!


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