Holiday Home Series: Glittered Antlers

Welcome to my Holiday Home Series at The Yellow Cape Cod.

Today, I would like to share how I turned authentic deer antlers into whimsical Christmas decor.

I started with three large authentic Reindeer antlers.  (I wasn't sure what kind of antlers they were so I asked a few friends.  They concurred that they are Reindeer antlers.  Since they are all pretty smart, I'm going with it).  I found them at a garage sale over the summer.  You can find antlers online like these antlers that are listed right now on ebay.   Craigslist is also a great source.


 Since they are Reindeer antlers, I decided they must be used as Christmas decor.  My mantle would be the perfect spot.  Please tell me I am not the only one planning my Christmas mantle in July. 


Here is what I did to give them Christmas magic:


First, I washed them with warm water and Dawn dish soap.  Real antlers have natural oils on them that resist paint.  The Dawn dish soap takes care of that.  I let them dry out for a few days.  Then, I gave them two coats of spray primer and two coats of antique white spray paint.  Antlers are porous so it takes a little patience to get a nice opaque finish. 

Then came my new best friend...

Krylon Glitter Blast Spray

I used "Diamond Dust" to give them a little bling.

(Krylon Glitter Blast is at Home Depot, Amazon, Ace Hardware)

Thanks for stopping by.

To see how I used these on my Christmas mantle, here.

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  1. Oh how lovely. What a wonderful idea. I just love it.

  2. Those are awesome... I love unexpected items on display...
    Holly @ downtoearthstyle

  3. They look lovely!! I can't wait to see your entire Christmas home! :)

  4. Looks so pretty! I didn't realize there was a glitter paint that is so pretty. I'm going to be sure and try it.

    Great Christmas mantle.


  5. Wow! The antlers turned out beautiful. Love the extra touch of the glitter spray.

  6. I love them!!! Just purchased alot of them to sell in my new shoppe...maybe I will try this with a couple of them...thanks so much for sharing this idea.


  7. Those look so great! Loving horns these days and they are perfect on a mantle.

  8. I love these! I think it is so fun to use antlers modernly in home decor, and these are the perfect holiday addition!

    xo Lisa

  9. Those are some HUGE antlers! So pretty what you did with them. Love the stockings too!

  10. what a beautiful arrangement! I've never seen that glitter blast spray before!

  11. Wow...these antlers are gorgeous! Definitely a statement piece! Also love how you decorated them with the stockings! :)

  12. I use antlers in my decorating too. Mine are from regular deer and we found them white. Maybe mine were bleached int he sun? I like the glitter, that's a fun and festive touch.

  13. Love this! I decorated with antlers this year too.


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