Holiday Home Series: Creating a Bar in a Bookcase

I spent the day today getting the house ready to party.  Our holiday parties usually involve a few responsible drinks.  This year,  I decided to set up a bar.  A sophisticated, grown up bar.  I came up with a plan to create one in our family room bookcase.

To start, I gathered a few white serving trays.

Then, I hopped in the car and headed for the Goodwill.  For the same price as plastic solo cups, I was able to purchase beautiful stemware.  I spent $10 and came home with this box:

After unpacking the box, I read up on how to wash glassware properly.  What I learned is this, use the hottest water possible, as little soap as possible, let them air dry and shine them with a linen towel.  I also learned if they have stubborn spots,  carefully hold them over a steaming tea kettle and the spots disappear.  Here is what was in the box:

Eight champagne flutes,

a vintage-looking champagne chiller,

one Cutty Sark whiskey bottle,

four small wine glasses and four small cocktail glasses.  

After everything was washed, shined and steamed, I placed it in the bookcase.

I used the top two shelves to keep it out of the reach of little ones.

All we need are some cookies on those dessert plates and we are ready to party.  

Do you have a make-shift bar for entertaining?  I would love to hear about it.

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  1. It looks great!! must have a really good Goodwill, because those were awesome finds!!!

  2. I can't believe you scored all that at Goodwill! Very impressive! We do have a makeshift bar in our living room. I love having a place where guests can help themselves or my husband can make drinks when we entertain. Thanks for sharing your pretty setup. The bookcase is a great idea!
    Have a great weekend Sarah.

  3. Fantastic idea! I love how you got your stemware at GW instead of heading to a retail store! Everthing looks wonderful and I like the bookcase bar idea so much!

  4. What a great idea!! And what amazing Goodwill finds!! Never thought of looking there for stemware. Brilliant!

  5. Love it! My mom has a very similar shelf in her kitchen . They are fun to style. You did a great job!

  6. A pretty display and I think it was a great idea to get your pretty GW stemware instead of disposable plastic. Even if they had been mismatched, it would be prettier and better than disposable.

  7. I lu-huve this idea. How brilliant! Just goes to show that you don't need a specified piece of furniture for entertaining. Thanks for sharing!

  8. looks great. i swear everything looks good in a white tray!

  9. Ok seems I responded to this post before but came back to tell ya we have been collecting stemware and other glasses in preparation for a bar area and I will be using yours as inspiration.Thank you so much and I will include a back link please email me if thats ok?!

  10. LOVE this!! It looks so good! My husband loves decanters so I'm always looking for new ways to display our bar...and I love the white trays.

  11. Wow. Very elegant bar set-up. My goodness you have a superb Goodwill near you. Most of the second hand shops near me, particularly this chain, like to charge boutique prices. If I wanted to pay top dollar for pre-owned stuff I would go antiquing. It doesn't seem as awful to pay outrageous retail prices at one of those fabulous shops that is a visual treat to browse (and where all the other clientele have showered recently). Of course, I would feel better paying higher prices at Goodwill if they paid their disabled employees living wages and their CEO significantly less.


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