Holiday Home Series: Fast and Free Christmas Decorating

Welcome to The Holiday Home Series at The Yellow Cape Cod.

Today, I'd like to demonstrate how you can decorate your home in minutes, for free.

All you need to create simple, sophisticated Christmas decor are a few Christmas tree ornaments, a bush and hedge clippers. 

For this project, I used the overgrown yews in the front yard.  They were in need of a trim and I love the way they smell. You could use any bush or tree that is green and fragrant.

1.  Using hedge clippers, carefully, clip a few branches in inconspicuous areas of the bush.

2.  Find areas in your home to accent with the fresh cut greenery (your mantle, a hutch, shelves, the tops of your kitchen cabinets, your chandelier, table tops, entertainment center etc).


3.  Stick a few Christmas bulbs in the greenery.

4.  Check decorating off the to-do list.



Here are a few other areas of my home that I have used greens from our yard...

Fresh cut greens will dry out eventually.  When my greens start to look dry, I  run outside and snip a few new branches to replace them so they do not become a fire hazard.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Now this is a simple not so overdone space. Very elegant I love it!

  2. I did this last year and loved the look! it looked so much more prettier than the fake garland I purchased for our other mantle.

  3. Where did you get your stockings? I love them!

  4. A Christmas season doesn't go by without fresh greens in our nest...thanks for sharing.


  5. I've really been enjoying your holiday home series and you 31 days of building character before that. I check back everyday to see whats new!

    Love the look of fresh green sprigs around the house for the holidays! I've been searching all over for some similar red sparkly ornaments in the shape that you use. Can you share where you found them?

    Thanks for all the tips! Can't wait to see what's next.

  6. Your holiday decorating is so pretty. It's how I found your blog last year =) Happy holidays to you!

  7. Thanks for the sweet comments.

    Lisa, I get most of my Christmas bulbs at The Goodwill:) Some of the tear drop ornaments shown here are from Sams Club. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Hey Stefanie, The stockings are from Ballard Designs. They are on sale this year! Thanks for visiting The Yellow Cape Cod.

  9. I love this, I especially love it in the chandelier! Looks great! Thanks for a great idea!

  10. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and your house. I am a new blogger and I am on pursue of learning the "secrets of blogging". Want to pay a visit? I would be honoured if you joined my site as well.
    Thanks, Olga

  11. Oh good grief...and here I was going to go buy stuff. My only question though - do you ever have bugs? I LOVE your mantle. Thanks so much for the ideas! Love your blog!

  12. Thanks so much for the membership! You are very sweet! Keep feeding us with all these gorgeous pics!

  13. Hi Annie! Glad you didn't go shopping yet :) No bugs, that I know of. Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments. Merry Christmas.

  14. Love your home and decorating! I always 'shop my yard' for greenery this time of year, too....I think your greens are a junipers, not yews. believe me, I have ugly yews and your greens are much prettier :) Looking forward to seeing more ideas!

  15. I love your designs! I'm wondering how you keep the fresh greens fresh throughout the season. Do they stay green or do you have to change them out periodically? We actually use our fireplace for heat so I wonder how long they would last. But if the mantle is not feasible I have other areas in mind but still wondering about keeping them hydrated. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  16. Love this!! Where did you find your Christmas stockings? I love those!

  17. Oops, just saw an answer to my question after your last picture!

  18. Perfect! I have *plenty* of (overgrown) greenery to choose from right now. If it would just stop raining!!

    Love this series - thanks for sharing your ideas and your beautiful home.

  19. I just saw your feature on Home Stories A to Z. I am new to your blog and am now a follower. The vignette with the white plates, greenery, grey background and red accents is absolutely stunning. Great job!!

  20. Oh it's just so lovely! Love the crisp colors. I decorated with red lanterns this year too! Feel free to come check out my blog...
    Jen (stopping over from home stories a to z)


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