31 Days of Character Building: Lighting: From Brassy To Classy

Welcome to Day 19 of my 31 Day Series, Building Character.

I apologize in advance for the photos you are about to see.  These images may be disturbing...

I know, take a minute to recover.  

Here is an image to help clear your mind:

Ok, that's better...

Those were the light fixtures that were in my kitchen, bedrooms and breakfast nook (in that order).
I mentioned before that the first item we tackled in the new house was the trim but, it was actually the lighting. 

In the breakfast nook, the brassy chandelier was replaced with a black chandelier with custom shades.  The mini shades were solid white drum shades from home depot.  Using spray Elmer's glue, I wrapped them in fabric and covered the raw edge with ribbon. 

I used the same technique for the square shades on the new fixture for the dining room.  The dining room chandy was consignment shop find.   It was originally a brass chandelier similar to the one in the breakfast nook.  I updated it by spraying it with black high temperature spray paint.  

I was able to improve the light fixtures in the kids' rooms using spray paint also.  In my boys' room, I took it a step further and customized it with a compass rose vinyl decal.

In addition to replacing the brass and florescent light fixtures, we also added recessed pot lights throughout the house.  Another simple and inexpensive upgrade we made was the addition of a dimmer switches.  They are very nice for changing the mood and entertaining.  

***Unless you are experienced or you want your 80's hair do back, it's always best to let a professional handle the installation of anything electrical***

See you tomorrow!
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  1. Love the compass rose in your boys' room. A great way to customize the shades too. We have replaced most of our lights but still have some builder basic ones on 'the list' to replace or change.

  2. I have had 2 of those light fixtures too! Love the compass in your son's room - great idea! And the black chandeliers are beautiful!

  3. I found your blog through Pinterest yesterday, and I'm so glad I did - I'm having a great time reading through your content! One question totally unrelated to lights - where did you find the picture frame pictured behind the chandelier? Did you upcycle it yourself, or did you buy it from somewhere? (If you've already written a blog post about it, feel free to point me in that direction.) THANKS!

  4. This post had me laughing! Our home had the brass fixtures too. We've changed most of them, but still have the big chandelier in the foyer left to change out. Now if someone could just give me a simple solution to changing out the brass door handles w/out replacing all of them, I would be forever grateful. ha ;)

  5. Found you through Pinterest, and love the compass light re-do! We are currently redoing our son's room into a nautical theme, and he has that same brass light fixture. Painting it is a great idea! But where did you get the vinyl decal? Thanks!

  6. Love the compass light! That is such a wonderful idea.

  7. I would love to paint our brass chandelier, but I don't know what to do with the 10 to 12 foot chain suspending it from a vaulted ceiling. A black chanelier with a black chain would be okay, but I'd like to make the light fixture a bright color and I can't imagine doing that to the chain. I would welcome your suggestions. Thank you for this wonderful website!

  8. you can cover your chain with fabric....natural linen is my favorite...scrunch it down for a pleated effect. you can do a no sew method with velcro too so you do not have to take the chain off the celing.

  9. Your door knobs are still brassy :)

  10. I have one of those hideous brass chandeliers in my dining room. I'm working on updating the dining room and will be using black and white as my main colors. I want to paint the chandelier black. Any suggestions for which brand of spray paint? Also, did you have to do any prep work for the paint to stick properly? This project makes me slightly nervous!

  11. I am sooo trying this! Have the same chandelier. For the brassy door knobs, I saw on Pinterest to spray those also. They claimed they would not scratched or rub off. My next two projects...

  12. I LOVED the compass rose around the light fixture. I have the same fixture in my foyer. I would like very much to duplicate your idea. Can you please let me know where I can find a vinyl decal or even a stencil? Either would be fine.


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