Holiday Home Series: Nautical Christmas

Welcome back to The Holiday Home Series.  

Today, I am taking a little break from the Dining Room to share my boys nautical Christmas room.
  A while ago I posted about putting the kids in charge of their own decorations this year.  

Hannah's tree turned out better than I ever could have imagined. 

The boys have given her some pretty tough competition. 

Just like Hannah, they were given a small budget to spend on new decorations for their room.
They chose to spend their cash at The Goodwill.  

The first selection they made were these nutcrackers.

  It's the beginning of a collection they will add to every year.  This is a great way to get the kids excited about thrifting.

They decorated their tree completely by themselves. 
They incorporated things we have used in their room in the past,

 like their baby boating shoes, 

the boats from their dismantled baby mobile, 

and some of their first Christmas art projects.

Their new thrift store finds gave it a new personality.
Like this guy.  

And this guy.   
Normally, my OCD would have me sneaking in to re-arrange the ornaments as soon as they weren't looking...but not this year. 

I have let go of my idea of perfection and in turn have discovered true perfection...
Christmas from a child's perspective.

We also hit the Dollar Tree and came home with these large plastic snowflakes.  

The boys have a great view of the back yard from their bedroom.

To add to the beautiful wintery scene mother nature has provided, 

we hung the snowflakes from the curtain rod with fishing line.  

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  1. Such a good eye for diamonds in the rough. I probably would have walked right by those snowflakes but they look amazing! Passing on good lessons to your children. You can find opportunity anywhere, it is just how you see it!

  2. Aww their tree looks adorable! You totally inspired me to put trees in my kids' rooms. We haven't decorated them yet but they love having the lights on at night while they read. Loving all your fun ideas for the holidays.

  3. Love the whole look! What a great idea for the snowflakes. My daughters hang large Christmas balls from their window but I might steal you snowflake idea this year...LOL.

  4. That tree is so cute and I love the way you let them take charge. My kids get so excited about Christmas decorating so I could imagine the fun your kids had! I love the snowflakes too!

  5. Gorgeous tree and those snowflakes are divine!

  6. Love the nautical theme. And those snowflakes are beautiful!

  7. A flag as a topper - BRILLIANT! My boys would LOVE THIS! Linking over from TDC and this is my favorite tree so far.



    your newest follower :)


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