Holiday Home Series: The Art Of Hanging Stockings

Welcome back to The Holiday Home Series.

I try really hard to keep projects simple, easy and uncomplicated.  Today, I am going to take a break from that and I'm going to complicate the act of hanging stockings, in a simple way.

I like my stockings to hang straight and full (not flimsy).  I'd like to share how I achieve this in case there is anyone else out there with the same fetish.  

Most people have stocking holders, I don't.  I use painters tape to secure them to the top of the mantle.  My mantle display covers the tape. (Santa removes them before filling them).  

I begin hanging them in the middle...

and work my way to the sides to keep them centered.

You can see here how they are limp.

 The solution...plastic grocery bags.

  I lightly stuff each stocking with 3 plastic grocery bags...

Now they are full...but crooked.

Can't stand that either.

  By twisting the loop a few times in the opposite direction that the stocking wants to turn, it will magically hang straight.  

(Stockings from Ballard Designs)
Voila, straight, fluffy, balanced stockings.  Tomorrow,  I'll demonstrate how to create a festive mantle display on the cheap.  

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  1. Great tips! Looking forward to the mantel decorating!

  2. I never hang the stockings, just get them out on Christmas Eve because I didn't have a hook to hang them. I would never have thought of using painter's tape then hiding the evidence. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. Gotta love those plastic bags!! Works perfectly!!!

  4. I have just discovered your blog and I like very much him(it). There are many of the good ideas and I would return without hesitating.


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