Dresser Makeover~ChalkBoard Dresser Drawers

My daughter won't officially become a teenager for a few months, however, her dresser tells a different story.  When we could no longer close the drawers I decided it was time to upgrade from her youth sized dresser to a an extra capacity piece.  


I bumped into this dresser while thrifting with a friend.  Here is what it looked like when I brought it home...

I fell in love with it immediately, but Hannah needed some serious convincing. 
The finish was not very pretty. What I liked was that it was big (nine drawers) and  

it had a great shape   

and lots of special little details...

After a little makeover on the outside

the inside received a little TLC. 

By painting the inside of the drawers with chalkboard paint, I'm able to leave notes in her sock drawers where she'll see them every morning.  

The paint also helped to block the slightly "old smell" (as Hannah refers to it) that vintage pieces sometimes have. 

We'll see how she does filling up nine drawers.  
For a step by step tutorial on this project, please click here.

Thanks for visiting. 

*For paint colors, product sources and additional details on this space, please click here.

How To Create A Framed Personalized Quote (DIY)

When it came time to decorate my boys shared room, the biggest challenge was choosing a theme that was fitting for both of them.  One thing they have in common is a passion for sports, so I went with that.

They've become quite inspired by Rocky Balboa. I did a little internet shopping to see if I could find something for their space that referenced their favorite Rocky quote.  Outside of bloody, life-sized posters of a beat up Sly Stallone,  I came up empty handed.  I wanted to inspire the boys, not scare them, so I made my own large scale Rocky art.

I typed Rocky's motivational quote on the computer in Microsoft Word, reversed the color to white on black and saved it to my portable thumb drive.  I took the thumb drive to my local office supply store and had them enlarge the document and print it on high quality photo paper.  Then I framed/matted it in a simple, chunky black frame and placed it on their interchangeable trophy shelf.

This project ended up costing less than one of the bloody posters.  It not only personalized their space but it also provided a cool, large, graphic element.  

Does your family have a favorite quote? 

*For the DIY tutorial on the interchangeable sports shelf, click here.
*For paint colors in this space, click here
*For DIY tutorial on the wall stripes, please click here.  

Ask Me A Question Series...

Yesterday, I announced my new "Ask Me A Question" series.  This series is a way for me to address  frequently asked, general design questions.  Each Friday, I will choose a few of the most common questions  {left here} and answer them.  

Out of courtesy to my clients, I can only address general questions/dilemmas.  If I'm not able to respond to your comment, no worries...personalized, custom design advice will be available through my affordable online design service January 1, 2013.  Please check back for exciting new details and instructions on how to reserve your design consultation! 

Here are my thoughts on a few of your most frequently asked questions...

Q: What is the paint color in The Yellow Cape Cod kitchen/foyer/living room and how can I find it now that the paint line has been discontinued?
A:  The color is an old Martha Stewart color called "Coir".  Unfortunately, the color has been discontinued and so has the custom mix recipe I posted a few weeks ago.   After a little shopping and testing, I found a very similar color.   "Heath" by Martha Stewart at Home Depot is almost identical.  

Q:  I hate my carpet.  How can I make the space look nice until it can be replaced?
A: My advice is to create a distraction by adding elements to the space that you love.  Accentuating the positive will distract from the negative.  Don't be afraid to layer a pretty area rug over wall to wall carpet.  Just be careful not to spend more money masking the problem than correcting it.  There are so many wonderful, inexpensive flooring options available.

Q:  When painting my interior doors black, should I paint both sides and do I need to paint all of the doors throughout my home?  
A:  In my opinion, it looks best to paint all sides of the door.  Every situation is different, but a general rule of thumb is to maintain consistency by levels.  For example, I painted all the doors on the main level of my home (including closets and bathrooms) black.  Upstairs, the doors were left white.  

  I'll be back next Friday to address a few more frequently asked questions.  Be sure to check back January 1, 2013 to reserve your personalized design consultation.

Thanks for stopping by and participating in the "Ask Me A Question" series.  

How To Choose Christmas (Holiday) Decor To Compliment Your Space

Today's featured design plan was created for a sweet, young, adorable client, Evie.    
Evie loves to add seasonal decor throughout her home as the holidays approach.  She wasn't sure how  Christmas decor would fit into her new gray, brown, green space. 

Here is the original design plan I put together for Evie's living room and kitchen...

 I gave her three solutions for this dilemma.
The first option I gave her for the holidays, is to switch out the rugs and toss pillows as the seasons change.  This gives the space an entirely different feel by simply changing up the accessories.  This option allows her to decorate with traditional Christmas/Holiday colors.  


Color options for Christmas decor are endless these days.  The second option I gave her is decorating with non-traditional holiday colors that compliment her original design palette (greens, blues, browns).  

{This image from Honey We're Home, check out her gorgeous brown Christmas decor}

The third option is neutral holiday decor; white, silver, gold, fresh greens and white lights.  
This looks beautiful in any space.


Either way she goes...Christmas will fit right in.
Thanks, Evie, for inviting me into your home.  
Have fun decorating for the holidays this year!

Design Plan Product/Image Sources:
**Due to overwhelming demand {for which I am incredibly grateful}, I'm unable to accept new online design projects at this time.  Please check back January 1st, 2013 for exciting new details on my online design service!

Warm Vanilla Coffee Centerpiece~Grocery Store Decor

Recently, I shared a fantastic client dining room makeover {click here if you missed it}.  For the table centerpiece, we needed something low, large, and simple as to not compete with the new light fixture.  It also had to be pretty.

I hit the Potterybarn outlet and picked up two extra large, blown glass hurricanes. The shape reminded me of a pumpkin so how perfect is that for fall? 

For color and texture, I filled the bottom of the hurricanes with fresh coffee beans.  

 I nestled a vanilla scented candle in the center.  
As the lit candle warmed the beans...my heart began to melt.  The the scent is AMAZING!  
It was all I could do not to hunker down in my clients slippers, with her cat and a book.

These could easily be updated throughout the seasons just by changing out the filler.  Acorns or nuts would be pretty in the winter.  My friend Kim at Sand and Sisal uses green split peas {check it out here}.

The possibilities are endless.
Who doesn't love decorating while you grocery shop?  
What grocery store decor have you used in you your home?

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*Please be safe and never leave a burning candle centerpiece unattended.

Three Rooms, One Design~Designing an Open Concept Home

Today's featured design plan was created for three different spaces; a foyer, formal dining area and formal living area of an open concept home.  My goal was to give each of the three separate spaces their own personality and purpose under one cohesive design plan...

...they're one, but they're not the same.
Here is the design plan rock video:

{This video also includes drapes by Martha and Ash and the Arhaus Preston Sofa.  Please see the list of credits at the end for additional product and image sources}.

By repeating paint/accent colors, furniture finishes and drapery the three spaces have common threads,  while different patterns, art and furnishings give each room it's own personality and purpose. 

Here is the formal living room...

and the formal dining room and foyer...

This design plan includes three different, yet coordinating area rugs.
We chose two combinations, one containing a subtle ombre design...

and the other includes a contemporary floral for a bit of whimsy...

Here you can see how the three different spaces unite together to become one...

{All product and image sources are provided at the end of the video}.
Thank you, Jessica for the opportunity to work with you in your beautiful home.

Due to high demand {for which I'm incredibly grateful}, I am currently unable to take new online design reservations.  
Please check back January 1st, 2013 for exciting new details on my online design service!

The Easiest DIY Thanksgiving (Fall) Centerpiece Ever

The other day, I shared a few simple, 5-minute fall decor projects that could go from Halloween through Thanksgiving.  I'd like to add this simple, but impressive fall centerpiece to the list.  

This was the easiest project ever.  I feel bad referring to it as a project because really all I did was assemble three things...

a beautiful, large scale fall wreath from Sams Club (check out the gorgeous colors, amazing textures and gold sparkle in this beauty), 

a clear glass canister with the lid removed (Target), 

and a pumpkin three wick candle from Walmart. 

What I love about shopping for home decor at Sams Club, is a lot of their products are geared towards commercial use.  Therefore, they are usually large-scale.  When it comes to seasonal decor, my "Bigger is Better, Less is More" design philosophy applies.  

An extra large centerpiece like this is enough for one small dining space.  
The reason I opted to use the large glass canister was for safety reasons.  It's taller than most three wick candle sleeves providing more protection around the flame.  

Just a reminder, forest items and fire do not mix.  If you make this at home, please be sure to keep the wreath protected from the flame and never leave the burning candle unattended. 

It would be so simple to change out the candle and wreath to transition straight into Christmas. 
 Three holidays, one centerpiece...

Have you ever made a holiday centerpiece from a pre-assembled, store-bought wreath?

Five Minute Fall Decor

This post is for all of you out there like me. 
Crazy busy this time of year, and not a lot of time for seasonal decorating.  
Today, I would like to share a few simple, 5-second fall decorations I threw together. 

To kill two birds with one stone, I made sure whatever I put up for Halloween could transition right into Thanksgiving. 

I gave the breakfast nook chandelier a little fall bling with some orange Christmas bulbs (found at Garden Ridge Utica, Mi) and black and white ribbon (Walmart). 

I figured it was cute for Halloween and would also look great over the kids table on Turkey Day.

I took this fall decorating opportunity to scoop up a beautiful orange pillow from my favorite Etsy shop, Martha and Ash.  The kids like the idea of Halloween decorating, I like to buy pretty pillows...the perfect solution, a {gorgeous} "Halloween pillow".

I filled a wire basket (Sams Club) with Dollar Tree pumpkins and bittersweet for a quick and easy large scale centerpiece. 

My favorite decorating element for any time of year is fresh flowers. 
When I'm grocery shopping, I grab whatever arrangement catches my eye first.  This fall, it was orange tulips.  

Not only do I personally enjoy simple, livable, seasonal decor but the fact that these touches take little to no time to put together makes me really happy.
Quick decorating leaves me with more time to enjoy this...

...and that is truely what makes me and the kids happy.

 More simple, 5-second fall decor ideas to come.  Feel free to share yours in the comment section below!

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