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Yesterday, I announced my new "Ask Me A Question" series.  This series is a way for me to address  frequently asked, general design questions.  Each Friday, I will choose a few of the most common questions  {left here} and answer them.  

Out of courtesy to my clients, I can only address general questions/dilemmas.  If I'm not able to respond to your comment, no worries...personalized, custom design advice will be available through my affordable online design service January 1, 2013.  Please check back for exciting new details and instructions on how to reserve your design consultation! 

Here are my thoughts on a few of your most frequently asked questions...

Q: What is the paint color in The Yellow Cape Cod kitchen/foyer/living room and how can I find it now that the paint line has been discontinued?
A:  The color is an old Martha Stewart color called "Coir".  Unfortunately, the color has been discontinued and so has the custom mix recipe I posted a few weeks ago.   After a little shopping and testing, I found a very similar color.   "Heath" by Martha Stewart at Home Depot is almost identical.  

Q:  I hate my carpet.  How can I make the space look nice until it can be replaced?
A: My advice is to create a distraction by adding elements to the space that you love.  Accentuating the positive will distract from the negative.  Don't be afraid to layer a pretty area rug over wall to wall carpet.  Just be careful not to spend more money masking the problem than correcting it.  There are so many wonderful, inexpensive flooring options available.

Q:  When painting my interior doors black, should I paint both sides and do I need to paint all of the doors throughout my home?  
A:  In my opinion, it looks best to paint all sides of the door.  Every situation is different, but a general rule of thumb is to maintain consistency by levels.  For example, I painted all the doors on the main level of my home (including closets and bathrooms) black.  Upstairs, the doors were left white.  

  I'll be back next Friday to address a few more frequently asked questions.  Be sure to check back January 1, 2013 to reserve your personalized design consultation.

Thanks for stopping by and participating in the "Ask Me A Question" series.  

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