Five Minute Fall Decor

This post is for all of you out there like me. 
Crazy busy this time of year, and not a lot of time for seasonal decorating.  
Today, I would like to share a few simple, 5-second fall decorations I threw together. 

To kill two birds with one stone, I made sure whatever I put up for Halloween could transition right into Thanksgiving. 

I gave the breakfast nook chandelier a little fall bling with some orange Christmas bulbs (found at Garden Ridge Utica, Mi) and black and white ribbon (Walmart). 

I figured it was cute for Halloween and would also look great over the kids table on Turkey Day.

I took this fall decorating opportunity to scoop up a beautiful orange pillow from my favorite Etsy shop, Martha and Ash.  The kids like the idea of Halloween decorating, I like to buy pretty pillows...the perfect solution, a {gorgeous} "Halloween pillow".

I filled a wire basket (Sams Club) with Dollar Tree pumpkins and bittersweet for a quick and easy large scale centerpiece. 

My favorite decorating element for any time of year is fresh flowers. 
When I'm grocery shopping, I grab whatever arrangement catches my eye first.  This fall, it was orange tulips.  

Not only do I personally enjoy simple, livable, seasonal decor but the fact that these touches take little to no time to put together makes me really happy.
Quick decorating leaves me with more time to enjoy this...

...and that is truely what makes me and the kids happy.

 More simple, 5-second fall decor ideas to come.  Feel free to share yours in the comment section below!


  1. I love simple and easy, it looks so elegant. The little boy is a cutie too. :-)

  2. for a minute, i thought you were having seasonal confusion again when i saw the ornaments;). looks great. i love double duty fall decor too.

  3. I love this idea...I know what I am shopping for tomorrow...

  4. I grew up in St. Clair Shores and now live in suburban Memphis, TN. Reading your blog gives me a taste of "home." Thanks so much!!

  5. Love the two tiered basket but didn't find it online at Sam's Club. But I know there are others out there. Thanks for your ideas!!

  6. As usual a great idea. I love your design taste. I check out your blog EVERY morning while I eat my breakfast.

  7. For quick and easy decorating the small pumpkins you added to your 2 tiered basket I used to fill an apothecary jar and I tied a raffia knotted strand around the lid. I also filled some other apothercary jars with faux apples, one with pears, and one with pinecones and acorns. For a little Halloween fun I added a large Martha Stewart Halloween label inside the front of the jar (it's held up by the contents of the jar) that I can remove for the Thanksgiving season while keeping the apothecary jars. I am loving flameless candles with timers (the kind that take C batteries, they last so much longer than the ones that take AA's). I have these in my holiday decor and they automatically come on and go off the same time every night. I love coming home in the evening to my candles safely glowing. Jeni

  8. We live in Ontario Canada - but I LOVE shopping at Garden Ridge in Michigan..we go there several times a year...I love that your decorating didn't scream Halloween, it was subtle and simple...and very lovely!


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