The Easiest DIY Thanksgiving (Fall) Centerpiece Ever

The other day, I shared a few simple, 5-minute fall decor projects that could go from Halloween through Thanksgiving.  I'd like to add this simple, but impressive fall centerpiece to the list.  

This was the easiest project ever.  I feel bad referring to it as a project because really all I did was assemble three things...

a beautiful, large scale fall wreath from Sams Club (check out the gorgeous colors, amazing textures and gold sparkle in this beauty), 

a clear glass canister with the lid removed (Target), 

and a pumpkin three wick candle from Walmart. 

What I love about shopping for home decor at Sams Club, is a lot of their products are geared towards commercial use.  Therefore, they are usually large-scale.  When it comes to seasonal decor, my "Bigger is Better, Less is More" design philosophy applies.  

An extra large centerpiece like this is enough for one small dining space.  
The reason I opted to use the large glass canister was for safety reasons.  It's taller than most three wick candle sleeves providing more protection around the flame.  

Just a reminder, forest items and fire do not mix.  If you make this at home, please be sure to keep the wreath protected from the flame and never leave the burning candle unattended. 

It would be so simple to change out the candle and wreath to transition straight into Christmas. 
 Three holidays, one centerpiece...

Have you ever made a holiday centerpiece from a pre-assembled, store-bought wreath?


  1. It is very beautiful! I might look for something like that for our table! Dianntha

  2. Looks great - have a good Friday!

  3. I have that same wreath from Sam's! It's so pretty and yes, the oversized holiday decor there is quite nice. I'll probably leave mine hanging by my door but this gives me ideas for my table.

  4. I love it! It is so simple yet so tasteful and really quite stunning! Often, less is more!

  5. I love it! It is so simple, yet so stylish and quite stunning. Often, less is more. Thank for the great idea!

  6. I used this same idea as centerpieces for my sisters wedding shower! We used cranberry and pink rose wreaths with a 3 wick cranberry candle in a hurricane lamp in the center to match her wedding colors. I've used some of the leftover hurricanes to decorate my own holiday tables with mix and match wreaths in the years since.


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