Three Rooms, One Design~Designing an Open Concept Home

Today's featured design plan was created for three different spaces; a foyer, formal dining area and formal living area of an open concept home.  My goal was to give each of the three separate spaces their own personality and purpose under one cohesive design plan...

...they're one, but they're not the same.
Here is the design plan rock video:

{This video also includes drapes by Martha and Ash and the Arhaus Preston Sofa.  Please see the list of credits at the end for additional product and image sources}.

By repeating paint/accent colors, furniture finishes and drapery the three spaces have common threads,  while different patterns, art and furnishings give each room it's own personality and purpose. 

Here is the formal living room...

and the formal dining room and foyer...

This design plan includes three different, yet coordinating area rugs.
We chose two combinations, one containing a subtle ombre design...

and the other includes a contemporary floral for a bit of whimsy...

Here you can see how the three different spaces unite together to become one...

{All product and image sources are provided at the end of the video}.
Thank you, Jessica for the opportunity to work with you in your beautiful home.

Due to high demand {for which I'm incredibly grateful}, I am currently unable to take new online design reservations.  
Please check back January 1st, 2013 for exciting new details on my online design service!


  1. Very interesting. The sofa.....where might I find one like it? Thanks for sharing. Am so happy that you are very busy with clients.

  2. Your design plan is beautiful! Love the soft beiges, blues & neutrals!

    On a different note- I was wondering how you like your laminate floor one year later? We are thinking about using the same floor in a beach house, but not sure how it will hold up to sand.

  3. Congratulations on your business!

    The SW "tricorn" black is really pretty. I used it to paint a step stool and a chair. I like the colors in SW's Livable Luxe line.

  4. Love your site and all your beautiful designs! I've been waiting for you to announce your new online design details. This color scheme is perfect for my home. What are the colors you recommend for the walls? I can see paint chips on the video but can't make out the colors.

  5. I love your site and beautiful designs! Excited to hear about your new online design details. This particular design plan would be perfect in my home. I am looking to re-do everything and want to start with paint. What are the paint colors you suggest? I see paint chips in the video but can't make out the colors.



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