Warm Vanilla Coffee Centerpiece~Grocery Store Decor

Recently, I shared a fantastic client dining room makeover {click here if you missed it}.  For the table centerpiece, we needed something low, large, and simple as to not compete with the new light fixture.  It also had to be pretty.

I hit the Potterybarn outlet and picked up two extra large, blown glass hurricanes. The shape reminded me of a pumpkin so how perfect is that for fall? 

For color and texture, I filled the bottom of the hurricanes with fresh coffee beans.  

 I nestled a vanilla scented candle in the center.  
As the lit candle warmed the beans...my heart began to melt.  The the scent is AMAZING!  
It was all I could do not to hunker down in my clients slippers, with her cat and a book.

These could easily be updated throughout the seasons just by changing out the filler.  Acorns or nuts would be pretty in the winter.  My friend Kim at Sand and Sisal uses green split peas {check it out here}.

The possibilities are endless.
Who doesn't love decorating while you grocery shop?  
What grocery store decor have you used in you your home?

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*Please be safe and never leave a burning candle centerpiece unattended.


  1. LOVE THIS!! I am totally trying it!

  2. The size and scale of these are so perfect- love the simplicity too!

  3. So beautiful! I have used the nuts that my Ohio buckeye tree throws off in September. And coffee beans.

  4. I LOVE this idea!!! You are a genius! Gorgeous and vanilla and coffee--fabulous!!!

  5. Great center piece! I like the use of coffee beans. Let's see I've used pasta, dried beans & dried red peppers for decorating.

  6. I have almost this exact centerpiece in my dining room - different hurricane though! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way it makes the room smell - so cozy :)

  7. I have been doing this for a few years now. I just love the scent of coffee and I can't drink it. This is a great way to get my coffee fix. Just a caution. If you use flameless candles they will turn brown at the bottom from the beans. I keep one just for in my coffee beans.

  8. Love that. have to go get some coffee beans now.

  9. I have done that before and it does smell fabulous. I love the lanterns you used in on the table! Beautiful!

  10. I've seen this all over pinterest, and really want to give it a try myself. Coffee is probably one of my favorite scents. I like the glass globes you have your candles in :)

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  11. I use dried beans (split peas in spring white beans in winter, yellow split peas in fall) a lot in the base of a hurricane. Popcorn kernels too. And love using artichokes - great color and texture.

  12. I just bought 3 small pie pumpkins for only $1.99 each - they're cute, smooth skinned, and about the size of a canteloupe. While I originally intended to roast them and make pie, they're found homes nestled on my mantle and end tables. I love them as decor pieces and will have to wait awhile before I have the heart to cook them!

  13. I love the idea of coffee beans and vanilla candles! Right now I have black beans and a small pumpkin. Hmmmm . . . it just occurred to me that layers of black beans and white beans might be kind of cool. In March I used the split pea idea with candles too. Very cute and versatile - love it!

  14. Love this! I'm going to have to try it after Halloween. Right now I have black beans with little orange pumpkins sitting on them. Layers of black and white beans would be kind of cool too. I used the split peas in March too. So versatile and fun!

  15. Use Caution, my beans caught fire!
    -Debbie Downer

    1. Yes, please always use caution with candles:) Thanks for reminding us, "Debbie". :) Best, Sarah

  16. Thanks for the mention Sarah! My daughter's friend was admiring my centerpiece and told me how her mom puts coffee beans around a vanilla candle... then the very next day you posted this idea! It was extra confirmation that I needed to make it too! ;)
    Kim @ Sand & Sisal


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