One Room, Two Dramatically Different Looks

Today I'd like to share a room that I designed two different ways.  My client was looking for a living room design that would allow her to change up the look (and color scheme) of her space with the seasons.  

The secret to doing this successfully is choosing neutral furniture and paint and bringing in color and pattern with textiles and accessories.  The client already had a wonderful blue and white striped rug that she wanted to use in the spring/summer, and a brown/orange/blue rug for the fall/winter {both from Dash and Albert}.  

Here is the spring/summer version:

And here is the fall/winter version:

This family can change the look of their space in less than 5 minutes by simply switching out the rug and accent pillows.  

The rug and pillows are the only differences between the two looks. 
Here they are again, side by side:

For the wall color, I suggested two options,  a dusty-gray-blue or an easy neutral like "Accessible Beige".  Either will work well with both the cool summer color palette and the warm winter palette.  

This design plan not only shows how versatile neutral upholstery can be, but also proves that a neutral space doesn't have the be boring.  This is a great example of the amazing power of a few accessories.  

Thank you, Sue for inviting me into your home.  
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  1. two great looks! love them both!

  2. Love this comparison! I'm going to have to find some great neutral pieces to work around.

  3. I am really loving the beige run, can you tell us where that could be purchased?

  4. I too love he beige rug and would love to know a source! Thank you!

  5. I LOVE the Spring/Summer look! Beautiful!

  6. I love a room that is so versatile that you could change it up seasonally! Love the spring/summer and fall/winter versions. So pretty!


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