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Recently, I announced my new position as a National Sewing Chapter Leader for the non-profit organization, Enchanted Makeovers (EM).  In case you missed it, please click here.  This weekend, I had the honor of collecting a wonderful donation of 35 beautiful, handmade pillow cases and journals from a local donor on behalf of Enchanted Makeovers.  

Thank you, Cindy Reynolds from Chesterfield Township, Michigan.  Cindy, along with the help of her sister-in-law Sharon Gorski, her friend Polly Simpson, and her two daughters Erica and Alysse, provided 35 colorful handmade pillowcases along with journals for the Enchanted Makeovers Traveling Pillowcase Project.  

 (Cindy and her beautiful daughter)

It was a pleasure to meet Cindy.  During one of the busiest times of her career, she set aside time to contribute to the Enchanted Makeovers mission.  She mentioned working closely with friends and family during the sewing process.  This time set aside to "give back" immediately gave back to Cindy in the form of time with friends/family.   What an amazing gift of love, for Cindy, her family and the EM Mission.

Cindy said, "My hope is that these pillowcases are enjoyed by the recipients as much as I enjoyed making them".  

These pillowcases will be delivered to local shelters for women, mothers, teens and children.
Enchanted Makeovers’ mission is to transform homeless shelters into places that are inspiring and supportive to those re-building their lives. Hand-made items are a big part of this mission because we believe each gift carries with it the love and positive energy of the crafter, artist or sewer.

To learn more about EM's Traveling Pillowcase Project, Capes For Kids Project or Doll Adoption Project (including patterns) please click here, Enchanted Makeovers .  These Projects are only a few of the ways you can support Enchanted Makeovers. 
Please visit the EM website for more information.  

Next week, I will be sharing a fun, family-friendly DIY project tutorial for a special project you and your family can make for an upcoming EM shelter makeover.  My hope is that you will join me in spending a little family time, creatively, while supporting the EM mission.  I would love to feature you and your family creating your project together...stay tuned!

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  1. What a wonderful program to be involved with!!

  2. Really great of you and Cindy and her helpers to do this for these children thank you for being so nice. K Sunday

  3. This is really neat. What is the idea behind the journals wrapped up in the pillowcases? Not sure I fully understood the exact use they are intended for.


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