Dresser Makeover~ChalkBoard Dresser Drawers

My daughter won't officially become a teenager for a few months, however, her dresser tells a different story.  When we could no longer close the drawers I decided it was time to upgrade from her youth sized dresser to a an extra capacity piece.  


I bumped into this dresser while thrifting with a friend.  Here is what it looked like when I brought it home...

I fell in love with it immediately, but Hannah needed some serious convincing. 
The finish was not very pretty. What I liked was that it was big (nine drawers) and  

it had a great shape   

and lots of special little details...

After a little makeover on the outside

the inside received a little TLC. 

By painting the inside of the drawers with chalkboard paint, I'm able to leave notes in her sock drawers where she'll see them every morning.  

The paint also helped to block the slightly "old smell" (as Hannah refers to it) that vintage pieces sometimes have. 

We'll see how she does filling up nine drawers.  
For a step by step tutorial on this project, please click here.

Thanks for visiting. 

*For paint colors, product sources and additional details on this space, please click here.


  1. Wow, what a cute idea. Nice to see Chalkboard paint still being used in unexpected ways. Thanks for sharing, liz

  2. This turned out great! I love redoing furniture :)

  3. Very nice! It's hard to find a solid dresser that is worth fixing up, but this turned out really great!


  4. FANTASTIC idea...and what a thoughtful way to let your daughter know she is special and she is loved! I am definitely going to your idea somewhere!

  5. I also want a same piece !!! :) I like it very much!

  6. What's gorgeous piece! Love the silhouette.
    One question: did you seal the chalk? If not will it rub off onto the clothing?

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Awesome job!

    Vera :)

  8. LOVE this piece
    I can't wait for the turorial

    I also love the black chandelier, did you paint it?
    If you did, how did you do it, was it difficult


  9. Nicely done. A tip for getting the smell out of older pieces of furniture: use any cheap bottle of 100 Proof Vodka,(about $5 ). Pour it on a rag, then wipe the furniture drawers down with it. Pay particular attention to raw wood areas, as it tends to absorb more of the odors and get musty smelling. Do not worry about the wood getting wet, you will see the vodka dry immediately after wiping it down. I learned this from a high-end antique dealer, and it absolutely works. I got an old buffet from a flea market that had been stored in someones barn. Really bad odors, even after using Mrs Murphy's oil soap, and then I tried the vodka. I use it in my craft/painting room, and it has never, ever smelled bad since, even after 10+ years!

  10. im in love with all of it! my favorite is when the insides are different colors than the outside.

    is that a real key in the dresser? if so, hubba hubba!

  11. Can't wait for the tutorial! I have a very similar dresser. Did you spray paint the hardware, too?

  12. ok, where are her other two jewelry boxes? I have been on a major hunt at yard sales this summer looking for wooden jewelry boxes since I saw what you did with the colors. I am doing my college daughters room (hopefully it will be finished before she comes home for Thanksgiving) I am doing gray, black and white, also...but with the bright eggplant-ish violet purple as the accent color. Cant wait to see everything finished and in place.

    Love your blog!
    Tona Haggermaker
    Athens, Alabama

  13. Love it. My daughter around your daughter's age. I also redid an older dresser for her (so much more room and cheaper than new!), but did not think of the chalk board idea. Very cute!

  14. LOve it! Great for a hard to please teen!


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