Real Life Two Day Makeover Challenge

Remember when I announced my plan to fly to Denver, Colorado and implement a design plan I created for an online design client?  (If you missed it you can read about it here, to learn about my online design plan service, click here).  

Well, I did it. 

 It was an amazing experience that I'm so excited to share.  I have to admit, the crazy two day time frame posed some challenges.  Especially since I chose to implement this design all by myself (no painters, carpenters, or design assistants).  Just me, my design plan, my sister and daughter (there to take pictures) and two days.  In most cases, my clients have more than two days and one person to install their custom design.  I set these limits in order to put my online design service to the ultimate test.

{Me, exhausted, covered in paint waiting for the clients to come home for the big reveal}

Today, I would like to kick off a series of posts that will take you behind the scenes of this makeover.  The homeowner's (Brian and Heidi) chose to be completely surprised by the room design, so you won't see them until the big reveal.  

This series includes:

We currently have openings for new Online Design Projects (E-Design). If you're interested in getting started on a room makeover in your home, please click here to make your reservation.

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