Real Life Two Day Room Makeover Challenge Accepted!

I have a really fun announcement.  To demonstrate how easy it is to implement one of my online design plans, I am taking one a step further than usual… I'm flying to Denver, Colorado for two days to personally install a nursery I designed online AND I'm taking YOU with me!   As if that's not exciting enough,  the design will be a total surprise for the homeowners, at their BIG REVEAL. 

It's going to be the ultimate reality experience, a REAL LIFE, two day room makeover in a real home.  Not like a TV show with a big crew of carpenters, design assistants, and camera men behind the scenes.  Just me, two helpers, my camera, my design plan and two days to get the job done.


I'm SO excited about this nursery design, the photo above is a little inspiration hint. 
It's so hard not to share my plan for the space ahead of time.  The homeowners want to be surprised, so I'm keeping it under wraps.  

Here's a look back at a few of my recent kids rooms, you can see in these examples how inspiration boards came to life…

Hannah's Room:

Hannah's finished room...

Jack's Room:

Jack's finished room…

Bennett and Grady's Room:

Bennett and Grady's finished room...

 I hope you will join me for this fun two day room makeover challenge.  
As we get closer to the big reveal, I'll share more details, until then…let's get started on your space.  I have a few openings left this month, Click here for details on my affordable online design service.  

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  1. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. How fun! I can't wait to see your ideas:) we'll be starting our own nursery plan soon!

  3. Can't wait to see it! If you need a hand... I'm in Denver!


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