Two Day Makeover~THE CLIENT REVEAL...

Welcome back to my Two Day Makeover Series!  In these posts I will take you through a recent room makeover beginning to end.  This project began as a typical online design plan project for Brian and Heidi's nursery.  Until I decided to fly to Denver to install the room, all by myself (no painters, carpenters or design assistants) in just two days (which is where the "challenge" comes in).

Today's post is the client reveal where Brian and Heidi see the room for the first time. 

Other than the crib, dresser and rocker that Brian and Heidi purchased, the space was a total surprise. We kept the design plan under wraps so they had no idea what to expect when they opened the door.  {If you missed the tour of the finished space yesterday, click here}

The reveal happened the evening of day two.  It was nighttime, I didn't want to blind them with a flash so my pictures are dark and fuzzy.  

But, you get the general idea of how it went down.  
It was very exciting.  

We were tucked in the closet snapping pictures while Brian, Heidi and their cute little dogs Jasmine and Stitch explored the new space.

Watching them react to the room was almost like getting to see it for the first time myself.  

This makeover was an amazing experience. 
Thank you, Brian and Heidi for inviting me into your home.  I appreciate the opportunity to design your nursery and share the process on the blog.  I really enjoyed the time I spent working with you and wish you the best of luck with the arrival of baby Sully.

The next post in this series will include product details and answers to questions I have recieved about the space. 

This Two Day Makeover series includes:

8. Details About the Space
9.  Easy Step-by-Step Mural Tutorial

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  1. You did an awesome job. I love the little pillow that mimics the mountain-scape. I see black & white in a whole different element now.

  2. I love it! I recently hung a print in my room that says "Sleep my child, for tomorrow you will move mountains." My kids are both named after mountains. Love, love the room. Great work.

  3. Where did the bedding come from...that is exactly what I have been looking for?

  4. Can you tell me what color navy blue, grey and green you used. I love the combination.

  5. Did you every get to post the mural tutorial? I'm really interested in paint colors and tips for the mural. Thanks!

  6. Hi, what paint colors did you use? Thanks!


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