Two Day Makeover~Game On!

Welcome back to my Two Day Makeover Series.  In these posts I will take you through a recent room makeover beginning to end.  This project began as a typical online design plan project for Brian and Heidi's nursery.  Until I decided to fly to Denver to install the room, all by myself (no painters, carpenters or design assistants) in just two days (which is where the "challenge" comes in). 

Today's post is the official start of the trip. 
The day I packed up my game and headed out west.

My game consisted of my design plan, my thirteen year old daughter, Hannah, and camera-shy sister, Laura, (to snap photos during the makeover).

The two day time frame was a little tight to start with.  My plan was to arrive Thursday afternoon, settle in, take inventory of the deliveries and visit the paint store to gather paint and supplies.  That left me with two full days, Friday and Saturday, to complete the room.  That was a great plan until our flight times changed with an additional flight delay once we reached the airport.

The trip was just getting started and by the time I boarded I was ready for bed. Apparently the random guy next to me was feeling the same way. Good thing my shoulder was there for him.

Goodbye Detroit, 

Hello Denver.

When we arrived, I headed straight for the nursery.  The official two-day-time-clock didn't start until the morning but I had to take a peek. 

My deliveries were there waiting for me to open first thing in the morning.  It felt like Christmas.
All of this… one big pile.  Brian and Heidi kept their promise not to peek in any of the boxes.  This meant it was still unknown if everything I ordered made it there in time. 

Next up… day one of the makeover.

This Two Day Makeover series includes:

8. Details About the Space
9.  Easy Step-by-Step Mural Tutorial

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished project. Your daughter is a cutey pie!

  2. Love the design! Can't believe you are doing the whole thing solo including painting when you get there! You are truly amazing at what you do!!

  3. I can't believe you didn't have them open the boxes. That's so brave! Can't wait to hear if it all arrived as you expected, and see the finished product.

    Love the design.


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