Two Day Makeover~The Design Plan

Yesterday, I kicked off my Two Day Makeover series.  In these posts I will take you through a recent room makeover beginning to end.  This project began as a typical online design plan project for Brian and Heidi's nursery.  Until I decided to fly to Denver to install the room, all by myself (no painters, carpenters or design assistants) in just two days (which is where the "challenge" comes in). 

The Design Plan

 I started this project the usual way, by having Brian and Heidi complete my project questionnaire.  The questionnaire gave me insight into their design preferences, lifestyle and budget.  It also told me everything I needed to know about the space (including photos and measurements).

Here are photos of the room submitted by Brian and Heidi…

After the questionnaire consultation I got to work designing their nursery.  As with all online design projects, I created a plan that included an inspiration board, a shopping list with specific product sources, a true to scale floor plan, and simple step-by-step instructions on how to implement the design.  

Here is the inspiration board I created for them...

Here is an illustration of the room and new furniture arrangement…

Brian and Heidi plan to spend a lot of family time together in the mountains throughout Sully's childhood.  (Sully is the babies name, isn't it cute?)  Heidi mentioned that she loved the "let him sleep…" quote and from that, the mountain theme was conceived.  To get the creative process started, I began studying mountain images.  This image really stood out to me (a photo wall mural found here)  and strongly influenced the design...

From this image, I drew inspiration from the beautiful snow capped mountains and the amazing color palette of gray, dark blue, citrus green and brown. Brian and Heidi chose a beautiful crib, dresser and rocker and had it on order when we began working together.  Based on the budget Brian and Heidi set, I completed the nursery design with drapery, bedding, storage, custom paint colors, art and accessories.  

After the design plan was complete, I ordered everything on the product source list and had it shipped directly to Brian and Heidi's home in Denver.  Since they decided to be completely surprised by the room design at the big reveal, Brian and Heidi had strict instructions not to peek in any of the boxes.   

Next up... I pack up my design plan, leave Detroit and fly to Denver.  

This Two Day Makeover series includes:

8. Details About the Space
9.  Easy Step-by-Step Mural Tutorial

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. Can you please share where you found these curtains? They are exactly what I am looking for.

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