Mountain Nursery Details and Product Sources

Hi! I hope you are having a great week.  We are busy at The Yellow Cape Cod working on brand new design plans.  Thank you, for the amazing opportunity to design your space(s)!  I have so many exciting rooms to share, please stay tuned throughout the summer to see our most recent projects.

Today, I'm sharing the details on the mountain nursery I designed and implemented in Denver. 
If you're new to the blog, here is the story...  This project began as a typical online design plan project for Brian and Heidi's nursery.  Until I decided to fly to Denver to install the room, all by myself (no painters, carpenters or design assistants) in just two days (which is where the "challenge" comes in). 

The furniture in this space was chosen by the clients (crib, dresser and rocking chair) before the design plan began.  It is a really pretty set from Babies R Us and it fit right into our design.

The new oversized drum ceiling pendant light we chose is from 

Hand painted "Let him sleep…" sign, 

"Stitch" our model, is a French Bull dog.  He and I quickly became best friends.  I miss his cute face already and I hope he keeps his promise to write.

The fabulous bedding (sheet, quilt, bedskirt) and drapery is from Carousel Designs.  
The adorable mountain pillow is by  La petite echarlotte (Strasbourg, Alsace, France).

To personalize the space, we added photos of Heidi and Brian (the parents) climbing the Rocky Mountains.  The frames we used were from Potterybarn Kids. 

Accessories for the space were purchased at various discount home stores.  The white lamp and shade were picked up at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The original plan included a green gourd lamp, but at the last minute a delivery snafu sent us scrambling for another option.

Thank you for joining me on my trip and for following along as I installed this design.  
It was a lot of fun having you with me and sharing the behind-the-scenes details.

This trip was an amazing adventure!  Not only did I get to do what I love most, but I made some fantastic new friends and had the opportunity to see the mountains for the first time.  :)

My final post on this experience will be a tutorial on the mountain mural project coming next week (which will include paint colors). 

This Two Day Makeover series includes:

8. Details About the Space
9.  Easy Step-by-Step Mural Tutorial

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  1. Thank you. This project was a lot of fun. Best, Sarah

  2. almost makes me wish I still had a little one so I could decorate a nursery again. (mine are 9 and 13 now) It's such a wonderful room!! I'm so happy for the new parents and the room looks fantastic. Wonderful job, Sarah :)

  3. So perfect for the location! How did you paint those mountains so perfectly?


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