Introducing "The Blog Cabin" ~ A Cabin Makeover

Over the past few weeks I've posted hints on my instagram account about a secret "behind the scenes" project I have in the works. Today is the day I get to spill the beans. I'm about to embark on a super fun adventure, and I'm taking you all with me! 

Introducing: The Blog Cabin Project...

This quaint little cabin is nestled in the northern woods of Michigan. It's one of three cabins on a large wooded lot that have been in my family for a long time. This particular cabin hasn't been used  in a while. It's purpose for the last few years has been for storage of overflow items from the other two main cabins on the property.

I've decided to take on the task of reviving the charming, vintage cabin by completing a budget friendly makeover on it, DIY style! I invite you to follow along as my trusty companion, Murphie, and I travel back and forth to the cabin on weekends over the next few months knocking out one DIY project at a time until the entire cabin is finished. I'll be sharing sneak peeks of each project in each room here on the blog and over on my Instagram feed along the way.

The design direction I'm going to take with this makeover is what I call "Contemporary-Cabin". Rustic, warm, cozy, comfortable, simple and inviting. The purpose of this tiny home will be a place for friends and family to gather year-round for time filled with rest, relaxation, coffee, conversation, campfires, outdoor adventures favorite...creative projects! My plans for the makeover include a small art/crafting area where "Girls Weekends" and "Pinterest Project Retreats" will take place for years to come! My hope is that lots of blogging and project tutorials will be happening here long after the makeover is complete (hence, the name "The Blog Cabin").

Here is a little sneak peek of the interior...

My main goals are to keep this makeover budget friendly and to preserve the original character and charming features of the cabin. I'll be back tomorrow to show you the first update that took place last week!

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