Our First Camp Fire At The Blog Cabin With Duraflame Logs

This post is sponsored by Duraflame. 
It's been a busy summer and I've really been missing The Blog Cabin. This week, I decided to pack up the Design Studio and my youngest son and take them with me to the Northern Woods. During the day, I've been working away on some really exciting online design projects, and in the evening, Max and I have been crossing projects off the Cabin Makeover To-Do List. Last night, we decided to take a break and have my sister and my nephews up for a campfire.  

It was the first campfire since the Fire Pit Makeover my boys and I completed a few weeks ago. If you missed that post, we created a beautiful brand new fire pit in one day for less than $100. You can read about it HERE. I decided that Christening the new fire pit was a pretty exciting moment and should be celebrated. I ran into town and grabbed everything we needed for a perfect summer evening around the fire...

S'mores, Sparklers, Citronella Candles, Mason Jar Cocktails, and Sorry!

When my sister and the boys arrived, I quickly snapped a picture of them before they inevitably became covered in dirt, marshmallows and chocolate. I wanted to have a picture to commemorate this special day. This is the start of many years of campfires around the new fire pit and I wanted to remember the moment. 

(My son Max and Nephews Jax and Jet).

After the photo shoot, we headed to the back yard to get the fire started. But first, the boys had to extract the frogs that recently made our fire pit their digs. 

Once the frogs were set free, I started the fire using Duraflame Roasting Logs. This was my first experience with Duraflame logs and I couldn't believe how simple they were to use. Sometimes having a big fire with real wood can be a daunting task, but these logs seriously made it so easy. All I had to do was place them in the fire pit and light the packaging on fire with a lighter. Within a few minutes we had a roaring fire. The logs were lightweight and compact which made them very easy to travel with. 

When I first saw how light and compact they were, I was skeptical that they would produce a fire large and hot enough to cook over. However, after the fire was lit, I could see that using a stack of four logs gave out plenty of heat and enough intensity to roast marshmallows and s'mores over a warm, crackling, glowing fire. One thing I really appreciated about the Duraflame log fire was the lack of a bellowing smoke cloud that can make a traditional wood log fire less enjoyable.

My Mom suggested we try a new S'more recipe using Reese Peanut Butter Cups instead of Hershey Bars...
Five sticky thumbs up, Mom!

According to My Sister, Max and Jax, the first fire at The Blog Cabin Fire Pit was a huge success. According to Jet, a third S'more would have made it perfect...

Thanks for letting me share our first campfire adventure with you. Thank you to Duraflame for sponsoring our Fire Pit Makeover and for providing a supply of Duraflame supplies to last through our first summer at The Blog Cabin. 

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*This post is sponsored by Duraflame. I received compensation and product to facilitate this post. All opinions are completely honest and 100% my own. 

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