Before/After~Powder Room Makeover

Recently, I had the privilege of providing an online design consultation for a wonderful client, Anna. Anna was planning a makeover on her main level powder room and she asked me to help her create a polished look.  After providing her with a custom design plan, she got to work implementing the design and the results are fabulous.  Last night, she sent me "after" photos and she gave me permission to share them.  

Before we get to the "after", let's take a look at what Anna's powder room looked like before the online design consultation…


Some of the elements we incorporated were a custom board and batten wall treatment, a dramatic new wall color, accessories/decor, new mirror, lighting, hardware, and fixtures.  We also added "feet" to the stock grade cabinetry for custom detail.

Here it is now...


Anna did a wonderful job bringing the design plan to life.  She even took it a step further by making her own custom art...

Board and batten wall treatment and the "feet" added to the cabinet gave the small space a big personality. 

Since the space is small, there was not a lot of room for accessories.  This meant whatever we chose had to be special.  An iron soap lotion dispenser from Potterybarn was a great choice. 

Thank you, Anna for giving me the opportunity to create a design plan for several rooms in your home and also for sharing your beautiful new bathroom with us.  It looks great!  

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DIY Custom Wall Lettering Tutorial

At the end of this post, I'm looking for suggestions for a new inspirational quote to paint in Hannah's new room.  What's a good one for a 13 year old girl?

Today's DIY Custom Wall Lettering Project is an easy and inexpensive way to personalize a child's space.  For the purpose of this tutorial, I'm using my daughters room as an example (her old room, before the recent makeover).

  When she was little, she was totally in love with horses.  She wanted a horse themed room, so I conducted a little Google research to find inspirational quotes.

Here is the three step tutorial…

1. Choose Your Phrase and Font(s)

After you have selected your phrase, type it into your computer in the font(s) of your choice.  In this example, I selected two different fonts and enlarged the two key words.  The bolder your letters are, the easier they will be to paint, so don't forget to convert your typeset to "bold".

2. Project and Trace The Phrase

There are three different ways you can apply your phrase to the wall..  

A. Old School Method…Overhead Projector
If you have access to an overhead projector, this method works very well.  Sometimes you can borrow them from your local library, office supply store,  or school.   After printing your phrase onto plain white paper, take it to your local office supply store and ask them to copy it onto transparency film.  (Unless you have transparency film that is appropriate for your printer at home).

B. The New Gadget Way…Handheld Projector
Instead of using an overhead projector, you can use a small handheld projector like this one from 3M (sold at Target).  Instead of printing your phrase,  simply connect the gadget to your computer and project it onto the wall directly from your monitor.  

Once your phrase has been projected onto the wall, you will be able to see how it's going to look before you begin.  After you've determined the perfect placement, a carpenters level will help you make sure the phrase is level.  Using a pencil,  trace the image on the wall.

C. REAL OLD School Method...Tracing Paper
If you do not have access to an overhead projector or a handheld projector, you can use wax-free tracing paper to trace your quote on the wall.  Wax-free tracing paper can be found at your local fabric store in the pattern aisle.  If you go this route, you will have to print your phrase in the actual size and piece it together prior to tracing.  You can save printer ink by converting your typeset to "outline" prior to printing. :)

3. Fill in With Paint

 Once your quote has been traced onto the wall, fill in with a small detail brush and the craft paint of your choice.  In this example, I used black acrylic craft paint for the phrase and gold metallic craft paint for the key words.

 The best thing about this project was aside from my time, it cost next to nothing.  When Hannah's love affair with horses ended it was easy to paint over.   A light sanding and a quick coat of Kilz primer did the job.

I'm considering painting a new quote in Hannah's room but I can't decide on one.  She's 13 and I'd like something that is inspirational/motivational for a girl her age…any suggestions?

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Clean and Calm~Gray and tan living room

"Clean and calm" describes today's featured online design plan (currently accepting new reservations). This project was for a gorgeous living room belonging to a wonderful, young family.  From their responses to questions on my client questionnaire, we were able to learn a lot about our clients and their lifestyle.  They also provided a link to their Pinterest pins boards which gave us insight into their style preferences.  They prefer a simple, clean, uncluttered aesthetic…not too many patterns, soft subtle colors and transitional style (upholstery over slipcovers). 

Photos and measurements of their space gave us all the information we needed to create a custom design plan for their uniquely shaped living room…

We began this project with a large geometric patterned area rug,  light neutral colored sofa/love seat and an amazing gray linen upholstered chair/ottoman.  For contrast and sophistication, we added dark wood, clean line, transitional style occasional tables.  

The custom color palette for this space was based on the clients amazing stone fireplace.  The upholstery, rug, accessories and art we chose reflected gorgeous tones found in the natural stone.

Design Tip:
For symmetry, we recommended a pair of lamps flanking the sofa.  In an asymmetrical space,  accessories and furniture placement can create the illusion of symmetry.

A carefully chosen mix of pillows brought texture, pattern and color to the space.  The collection of pillows we curated for this design can be mixed and matched as the client desires.

For natural texture and greenery, we recommended this pair of potted boxwood (available in my shop, click here for details). 

Design Tip:
 If you have trouble keeping plants alive but love the look of a real plant, these are the perfect solution.  They are made from real, preserved boxwood.  All they require is a light mist of water every 30 days to keep them looking fresh.  

  To bring height to the wall opposite her large, amazing fireplace we suggested placing these over a new pop-up flatscreen tv console…

Scale was important in this design, the room is large and the stone fireplace has an amazing presence.  The client prefers clean, uncluttered spaces. Therefore, it was important to use large scale pieces.  In this project, the "bigger is better" and "less is more" philosophies were applied. 

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To view samples of my recent design projects, check out my Pinterest Pin Board of Online Design Projects here.  

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*There is more to this design plan, however out of courtesy to my client I'm unable to share all the details.  Thank you for understanding.  Please feel free to use this design as inspiration for your space or click here to reserve your very own affordable custom online design plan. 

turquiose and lavender girls room inspired by art

Today's featured online design plan is for the sweetest little girl, Kendall, who is graduating from her nursery into her very own big girl room.  I began Kendall's custom room design with adorable and unique artwork.  A set of four super-sweet prints set the scene for a beautiful turquoise and lavender color palette…  

Here is the furniture layout I suggested for Kendall's new room.  This illustration is a true-to-scale representation of her room and the furniture I recommended for the space...

For the bed (Land of Nod) the client loved the look, but actually found an upholstered version with a similar shape that was a bit softer with fantastic tufting detail.   The bedding I chose is a quilt set from Potterybarn in some of Kendall's favorite colors.

For the dresser, I suggested refinishing a vintage find in a soft turquoise color.  New crystal knobs would give the piece additional character and femininity, like this...

The prints that were the basis of the design are a perfect representation of Kendall's sweetness…

This set of four prints (Kendall's Prints) are loaded with charm.  Four different culinary masterpieces are framed in crackled, distressed, off-white pierced metal frames with a soft gray glaze giving them depth and tons of character. 

Kendall's prints are available for purchase by clicking on the "shop my collection" tab on the right margin at the top of my blog.

When I came across this unique set it was love at first sight, I immediately added it to my collection of home decor merchandise.  

To further customize the space,  Kendall's monogram will be hand painted over her bed.  Another suggestion I made was to replace the current lighting with a consignment chandelier refinished in the same turquoise as the "new" dresser, like this... 

The wall color options I provided for this design plan were soft white, gray or lavender.

The room was finished off with soft white, layered-ruffle drapery and coordinating bed skirt.  I can't wait to see this space come together.  Thank you, Kendall and family for inviting me into your home.

Image/Product Sources:
Bedding: Potterybarn Kids
Headboard: Land of  Nod
Drapes: Potterybarn Kids
Kendall's Prints:
Chandelier Image: Etsy
Dresser Image:

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*There is more to this design plan, however out of courtesy to my client I'm unable to share all the details.  Thank you for understanding.  Please feel free to use this design as inspiration for your space or click here to reserve your very own affordable custom online design plan.

Navy and Coral Family Room

Today's featured online design plan is for a family room inside a gorgeous home located close to Lake Erie. After consulting with the client through my client questionnaire, I learned a little about other areas of her home.  This helped us design a space that flows with adjoining rooms.  Some of the colors she has used are gray, navy, coral and "macadamia".  We also learned that she wanted her family room to convey coastal style in a clean, contemporary way.  Her desire was a comfortable, casual space that wasn't too "cottage-y".  

Here is the family room we created for her…

She already has a really nice pair of neutral upholstered sofa's.  Using them, we offered her two furniture arrangement options…(the rectangle in the upper right corner represents a three sided fireplace). 

In both arrangements, we incorporated a new set of occasional tables. The tables we chose for the space are in warm wood tones with simple, clean lines.  Transitional style tables keep the space from feeling too "cottage-y".

Solid navy full length drapery are a perfect backdrop for these amazing coral ikat patterned chairs from Ballard Designs.  A beautiful see-through lamp is a great solution for instances where a large lamp needs to be placed in front of a window.  It feels light and airy, doesn't block the view and a glass base glistens beautifully when the sun shines through it. 

Let's talk about the mirror, this is one of my favorites.  We suggested she place it over the fireplace.  This piece has a gorgeous weathered navy blue finish that lends a nod towards coastal style.  It's dressed up with sharp, straight, clean lines and a beveled edge so, it's the perfect choice for our "refined coastal style" family room.  In the event this piece was a little too rustic for her taste, we gave her an alternate option. 

A fun mix of navy and coral toss pillows in solids and patterns punched up the sofa's.  
Coastal inspired artwork was arranged gallery-style around a wall-mounted flatscreen tv to create a large focal point over the new media unit.  Since the fireplace is located in the corner of the space, we used the media unit and the long wall behind it to create the main focal point.

 In the end, art and accessories are really what give this design a coastal vibe.  If the day comes that she decides to change the coastal theme of this space, she could easily do so by simply switching up the art.

Thank you for stopping by!

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*There is more to this design plan, however out of courtesy to my client I'm unable to share all the details.  Thank you for understanding.  Please feel free to use this design as inspiration for your space or click here to reserve your very own affordable custom online design plan. 

DIY Trophy and Team Photo Display Shelf

Last night was the official start of our spring sports season.  The kids were so excited and in true Michigan fashion everything was cancelled at the last minute for inclement weather.  

None-the-less we are still excited to update our Trophy Display Shelf with 2013 team photos and trophies.  If you missed the original post, I created a interchangeable trophy and team photo display shelf for the boys growing collection.  It was a super easy, super quick project that the boys absolutely love (click here for the step by step tutorial).

Not only did it help to corral their sports medals, trophies and photos, but it's a great way to neatly display their achievements.  The photos are easily changed with the seasons and the shelf is extra deep to accommodate many years worth of trophies and medals as well as some of their equipment.  

Click Here for the full tutorial on this easy DIY project.  If you follow the tutorial to make one of your own, send me a photo. 

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Guess Which Room To Win...

Happy Wednesday.  To get us over the weekday hump, I thought we could play a little guessing game.  A room in my home just underwent a total makeover in less than two days. 

Here's a sneak peek…

Hmmm…which room is it?
For a chance to win the cutest prize,  take a guess!!

Click here for my home tour if you would like a little help.  Leave your guess (and your email address) in the comments below.  Everyone who takes a guess will be placed in a drawing where one winner will be selected at random.  I will send the winner a set of four "Chippy Terracotta Birds" from my home decor collection ($87 value based on MSRP). These little birds are cute inside or outside, I plan on using them on my outdoor dining table this spring/summer…

 The reason for the crazy two day time frame on this makeover…I'm in training {Queue "Eye of the Tiger" and hand me my sweats}.  I am gearing up for my upcoming trip to Denver where I have accepted the challenge of installing a nursery design in two days for a lucky online design client {Click here if you missed that post}.  

I'll announce the winner of our hump day guessing game at the end of this month when I reveal the new room in my home.  Until then, good luck!  One guess per person, two entries if you share the contest on facebook or twitter, just be sure to leave an extra comment letting me know.  Winner must reside in the United States for shipping purposes. 

Don't forget to leave me your email address so I can contact the winner! 

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Rustic-chic Nature Inspired Lake Cottage

Today's featured online design plan is an indulgent post as the location of this gorgeous northern Michigan lakefront cottage home is dear to my heart.  The home is a gorgeous A-frame style cottage nestled along the shore of a serene northern Michigan Lake, one of my families favorite summer vacation spots. 

I'm always excited to design a new space, but I was REALLY feeling this one when I got to work creating this two room design plan for their kitchen and family room…

The cottage itself is stunning, but the real beauty of this home is the outdoor surroundings.  The setting is that of a story book cottage, therefore this design was created to embrace the lake and showcase the homeowners love of nature.

The kitchen…

The kitchen was recently remodeled with brand new ash cabinetry, granite counters and tile floors that mimic the look of slate.  The space itself has an amazing two story vaulted ceiling.

To lighten and brighten the space I suggested painting or whitewashing the tongue and groove ceiling warm white.  This will create a light, bright, open atmosphere while complimenting the warm wood tones used throughout the home.  A warm white ceiling will look amazing with the new kitchen finishes as well as their natural wood toned trim, doors and staircase.

Another element we brought to the kitchen design is a gorgeous stacked stone backsplash.  This element will compliment a special feature we added in the adjoining family room (which I'll get to in a minute).  You can see here how amazing natural stacked stone looks with their new countertops and cabinetry...

Along the open staircase leading to the second floor, I suggested staggering a series of large, character rich prints like these…

This set of four shoreline bird prints are double-framed in reclaimed, lightly distressed barn wood.
(Alpena Bird Prints available here)

Natural textured rugs and simple cotton roman shades soften the kitchen and provide beautiful organic texture.  The accessories in this space were kept simple and functional to keep the overall appearance neat.  Glass front cabinets are the perfect place to display a new collection of green dishware.  
These little chippy terracotta birds are a fun accessory for the kitchen island countertop. 

The family room…

A fantastic wall of windows provides a panoramic view of the lake.  To accentuate the view, I framed the windows with simple, elegant, straight panel, banded linen drapes.  Another amazing feature in this space will be the new stacked stone, floor to ceiling fireplace hearth we will be adding behind the wood-stove to give it the look and feel of a large rustic fireplace.  The color palette inspiration for this entire design was pulled from this natural stone...

She likes a clean, updated, chic aesthetic while He is an avid outdoor sportsman.  To combine the two loves, I used carefully chosen art and accessories to create a custom, "rustic-chic" design theme. 
For example, this amazing antler lamp has a streamlined modern shade and metallic accents…

  I placed this gorgeous pair of oversized fish prints, double matted and framed in bronze frames over the new sofa.  These prints are the perfect compliment to the antler lamp.  The fish pay homage to the his favorite pass time while the large scale, refined matting and framing make them sleek-ly "rustic-chic".  

The coolest thing about designing online is the places I get to "go" and the people I get to work with. This project was so much fun, I could go on about it forever.  Thank you, to these clients for giving me this opportunity.  

For information on  my affordable online design service, please click here. 

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**There is more to this design plan, however out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share more detailed information.  Thank you, for understanding.  Feel free to use this design as inspiration for your space, or click here to reserve your custom design plan.  
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