DIY Trophy and Team Photo Display Shelf

Last night was the official start of our spring sports season.  The kids were so excited and in true Michigan fashion everything was cancelled at the last minute for inclement weather.  

None-the-less we are still excited to update our Trophy Display Shelf with 2013 team photos and trophies.  If you missed the original post, I created a interchangeable trophy and team photo display shelf for the boys growing collection.  It was a super easy, super quick project that the boys absolutely love (click here for the step by step tutorial).

Not only did it help to corral their sports medals, trophies and photos, but it's a great way to neatly display their achievements.  The photos are easily changed with the seasons and the shelf is extra deep to accommodate many years worth of trophies and medals as well as some of their equipment.  

Click Here for the full tutorial on this easy DIY project.  If you follow the tutorial to make one of your own, send me a photo. 

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  1. That is so great, and just perfect for a boy's room! I need to figure something like this out for my son...the sports stuff is getting out of control!

  2. Love this! Any interest in making this for me? Let me know. Courtneymoorhouse at gmail. Thanks!

  3. Do you recall the size of the pine boards? Those look like 8x10 frames. Gong to home Depot this afternoon. So excited!


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