Updated Traditional Style Kitchen/Family Room

I'd like to take a second to thank you for the kind words on my recent design projects.  It makes me so happy to hear when someone is inspired by something shared on the blog.  For information on how you can reserve your very own custom design plan (created specifically for you/your home), please click here

Today, I'd like to share a fun project, hot off the press.  This design board is from a Two Room Online Design Project that we just completed.  This design was created for Jodi's Kitchen and adjoining Family Room.  

Tackling both spaces at the same time allowed us to make the best design decisions for each space while ensuring seamless flow.  This was very important in this open concept home. 

We had a lot of fun with color and texture in this design. 

 The home itself is a beautiful traditional style new-build.  Our goal was to give her a custom design that is fresh, updated and current while embracing her traditional style preference.  

Both new and old pieces will fit right in.  For example, the modern floral rug is a perfect compliment to her heirloom dining table (given to Jodi by her grandmother).  Jodi has an affection for vintage keys, a collection like this will bring character and personality to the space.  

Lighting played a big roll in this design.  Jodi mentioned this area does'nt get a lot of natural light.  To brighten the space, we brought in lamps, a trio of pendants and recessed lighting.

Thank you, Jodi for "virtually" inviting me into your home.  
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*Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share detailed information about this custom design plan.  Thank you for understanding. 

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Jack's Room Reveal

Today's room reveal is an example of a local (Detroit), on-site design project.  Similar results can be achieved through my online design service for non-local clients (there are a few online design spots left in February, please click here for more information). 

This room belongs to the most handsome three year old boy, Jack…

Jack's family just moved into a brand new home and he was very excited about his new room.  His parents asked me to design a space that could grow with Jack through the years.

When I began his custom room design, I didn't have to look far for inspiration.  Just outside Jacks window is a view of the local ski hill.  Coincidentally, Jack happens to be one of the best skiers around.

While Jack's family was on a ski vacation in Tahoe, I put the finishing touches on his new space.

Here is a look at the room before...


And here it is now...


I began the room design with a totally gnarly wall mural from Potterybarn Teen (click here).
What I love about this mural is the three dimensional quality of the image, the vibrant colors and the size.  For $99 we were able to give this builder beige room a huge personality. 

Next came new big boy furniture, handsome bedding, 

and personalized DIY wall letters.  

(For a tutorial on these DIY distressed letters including tips on hanging them, click here)

This wire shelf is not only a cool industrial element, but it provides storage for Jack's books and toys.  As Jack grows, the stuffed animals and Dr. Suess tales can be swapped for sports equipment and trophies.

(For a step by step tutorial on the tone on tone wall stripes including paint colors, click here)

Jacks room doesn't have a lot of floor space, but we were still able to create a reading corner under the window with a cozy bean bag and canvas totes filled with his favorite books.  

Jack never goes to bed without an entourage of action figures and fleet of matchbox cars.  I gave him a cool serving tray to keep them contained.  

Since this is a brand new room with a lot of brand new elements,  I used Jack's clothes and favorite toys as accessories to keep it feeling comfortable and familiar. 

Thank you, Jack for letting me decorate your new room. 

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**Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share specific product sources.  Thank you for understanding.

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Easy Valentines Centerpiece Using Christmas Decor

Do you have a Valentines day tradition?  Other than visiting the kids school parties and cooking a special dinner, we really don't.  I'd like to start one this year, if you have any fun suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments.  

While I'm admitting what a valentines day bummer I am, I'll admit I'm also not a big V-day decorator.  I do like to have a pretty centerpiece for our family dinner.

 This year, I used Christmas bulbs (hot off the tree), our Christmas amaryllis and a large white serving tray to create a pretty, large scale centerpiece.  

I can definitely do Valentines decor when it's free.  

Oprah is helping me with our dinner menu.  I'm still trying to decide which of these romantic dinners from Oprah.com to make.  I have decided on her hot chocolate fondue for dessert. 

It's surprisingly easy to make, but most importantly…it will look pretty on the table!
This project is linked up at the party over at Not Just A Housewife.
So, please tell me, what are your valentines day traditions?  

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Ceiling Mount Drapery Trick

As a Decorator, I come across design dilemmas every day that require creative solutions.  I love sharing these stories on this blog in the hopes that it could help others solve a similar problem.   Today's post provides a simple solution for windows that do not accommodate regular drapery hardware.  Using this trick, almost any window can be dressed in beautiful drapery, regardless of situation.

A while ago, I shared a den makeover from a local,  on-site home styling project.  If you missed the original post with before/after shots, please click here.  In addition to new furniture and accessories, custom shelving was installed around the perimeter of the room.  

The shelving added so much to the design.  It's a great way for the clients to display their favorite family photos.  While the shelving is beautiful and functional, it required us to get creative when installing drapery.  After the custom blinds were installed, it really became tricky. 

The header on custom blinds as thick as these, requires drapery rods that extend quite far from the wall.  In this situation, the wall wasn't an option for mounting due to the custom woodworking.  Ceiling mount drapery rods on the bottom of the shelf was our solution.  

Ceiling mount drapery rods can be found at many custom drapery retailers as well as JCPenney, Country Curtains and Bed Bath And Beyond.  They were the perfect solution.  

{Before drapes}

You can see in these two photos how drapes really finished off the space.  

{After drapes}

Not only do ceiling mount drapery rods solve almost any tricky window problem, but they look gorgeous. 

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**Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share specific product sources.  Thank you, for understanding.

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Refined Coastal Style~Gray,White and Coral

   The high today in Michigan is 19 degrees, spring break can't come fast enough.  Today, I'm taking us away to the beach with a "Refined Coastal Style" design.  This custom design board is from a three room online design project currently underway.

For this gorgeous, brand new home, we suggested a cool gray and white color palette warmed up with beige/tan upholstery. 

 Pops of color (in this case coral) and graphic pattern punctuate the neutral color scheme. 

The design was personalized with coastal inspired art and accessories.  While working on this project, the name "Refined Coastal Style" was conceived.  

The spaces shown here are the formal dining room and living room.  These two rooms are open to each other, separated by a two story foyer.  It was important that the two spaces compliment each other.  Designing them at the same time was the best way to achieve our goal of "builder model flow".  

As I mentioned earlier, this design plan is still in process.  It couldn't have come at a better time, I'm able to slip away from the frigid Michigan temps, vicariously through this project.  I may be in the design studio working, but my mind will be on the beach.  Thank you, Christi! 

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Sarah Macklem Interiors

**Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share detailed information about this custom online design plan.  Thank you, for understanding.  

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Subtly Feminine Home Office

Thank you for your feedback on my post about accessorizing dilemma's.  Your comments have inspired new posts addressing the most common challenges we face when it comes to accessorizing. {If you missed it, please feel free to leave your accessorizing dilemma in the comments of the post}.  My original plan was to publish these posts next week however, it may be a little longer (just a tad).  Because...I've decided to take it a step further.  Not only am I going to address the most common problems, but I'm going to solve them!  Stay tuned :)

In the meantime, 

Today's featured online design plan was created for wonderful lady, Lynn, who works from home in the fashion industry.  She came to me looking for a home office design plan for her gorgeous traditional style home.  The space had to be as functional as it was pretty.  She wanted to add a touch of femininity, but not so much that it scared off her husband.  

One of the questions in the questionnaire I send to my clients prior to creating their design plan is, "What is your favorite magazine?".  In this case, her answer was Southern Living and House Beautiful.  My goal was to give her a space that looks like it belongs one of these magazines, yet practical, livable and functional. 

These beautiful bookcases were the perfect solution.  Not only are they pretty for display purposes but they also provide storage for her fashion resource books and office accessories.  

Every girls office needs a chandelier.  This one was perfect.  The scale was spot on and the beautiful glass drops provide a little girly-bling without going over the top.  The aged bronze finish tones it down a bit.  

This rug was meant for Lynn.  The color palette is gorgeous, the style says "Southern Living/House Beautiful", and the contemporary floral motif keeps it feeling current and not too girly.  

Thank you, Lynn for inviting me into your home. 
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**Please feel free to use this design board as inspiration.  Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to provide detailed information about this custom design plan.  Thank you for understanding.

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