Ceiling Mount Drapery Trick

As a Decorator, I come across design dilemmas every day that require creative solutions.  I love sharing these stories on this blog in the hopes that it could help others solve a similar problem.   Today's post provides a simple solution for windows that do not accommodate regular drapery hardware.  Using this trick, almost any window can be dressed in beautiful drapery, regardless of situation.

A while ago, I shared a den makeover from a local,  on-site home styling project.  If you missed the original post with before/after shots, please click here.  In addition to new furniture and accessories, custom shelving was installed around the perimeter of the room.  

The shelving added so much to the design.  It's a great way for the clients to display their favorite family photos.  While the shelving is beautiful and functional, it required us to get creative when installing drapery.  After the custom blinds were installed, it really became tricky. 

The header on custom blinds as thick as these, requires drapery rods that extend quite far from the wall.  In this situation, the wall wasn't an option for mounting due to the custom woodworking.  Ceiling mount drapery rods on the bottom of the shelf was our solution.  

Ceiling mount drapery rods can be found at many custom drapery retailers as well as JCPenney, Country Curtains and Bed Bath And Beyond.  They were the perfect solution.  

{Before drapes}

You can see in these two photos how drapes really finished off the space.  

{After drapes}

Not only do ceiling mount drapery rods solve almost any tricky window problem, but they look gorgeous. 

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**Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share specific product sources.  Thank you, for understanding.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this idea. I have a concrete ceiling and pole with floor to ceiling windows that I would need to fit drapes too. Any suggestion for that? I've heard post tension but will that really work. Also, is there any rod or fabric i should stay away from?


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