Easy Valentines Centerpiece Using Christmas Decor

Do you have a Valentines day tradition?  Other than visiting the kids school parties and cooking a special dinner, we really don't.  I'd like to start one this year, if you have any fun suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments.  

While I'm admitting what a valentines day bummer I am, I'll admit I'm also not a big V-day decorator.  I do like to have a pretty centerpiece for our family dinner.

 This year, I used Christmas bulbs (hot off the tree), our Christmas amaryllis and a large white serving tray to create a pretty, large scale centerpiece.  

I can definitely do Valentines decor when it's free.  

Oprah is helping me with our dinner menu.  I'm still trying to decide which of these romantic dinners from Oprah.com to make.  I have decided on her hot chocolate fondue for dessert. 

It's surprisingly easy to make, but most importantly…it will look pretty on the table!
This project is linked up at the party over at Not Just A Housewife.
So, please tell me, what are your valentines day traditions?  

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  1. Valentine's Day is also my birthday, so usually the tradition is to go out to eat wherever I want to - but it can be tough because it's a busy dinner date night!
    Our main tradition is to hang a large heart (the kind teachers may hang in classrooms) from the light above the kitchen table. My twin sister and I each had a heart my mom would hang up to celebrate our birthdays. When we got our own homes, my mom gave them to us. Now we each put ours up every Valentine's Day. Mine is wearing a little - I am going to be 41 after all so it's been around a long time!


    1. Happy Birthday to you and your sister, Kim. I love that you incorporate the heart to remind you of your mom. What a special tradition. ~Sarah

  2. Beautiful! I save all our candy canes for V-day candy, last year we used them to make hearts filled with chocolate :-) Were all about re-using around here!

    1. That is a fantastic idea! Candy canes are perfect for valentines day! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. So pretty!

    I always have a special tray on the island to greet my kids when they get home from school on Valentines Day: Valentine cards and cupcakes for each, a pitcher of milk, and a special Valentine movie (last year was Alvin and the Chipmunks Valentine).

    Kim- my bday is the 15th, so I always have a heart theme, too ;).


  4. I pull out some red napkins to put on a white tablecloth. And as a nod to my childhood I try to buy some of these "red-hot" heart cinnamon candies or those "be mine" candies to share.

    And OF COURSE, I always wear something red on Valentine's Day!

  5. For 30 years we have had "pink dinner". When our kids were young we had little money for eatimg out... so I did what I could. Always pink pancakes for breakfast, clam chowder and pink heart-shaped biscuits for dinner, strawberry shortcake for dessert. Daddy gets his girls a chocolate rose, and I get some little gift for everyone. It continues today...with our expanding family. It happens sometime around Valentine's day.. not always the 14the.

  6. I like to make heart shapaed pancakes with red food coloring and i put red food coloring in milk because my family doesn't drink strawberry milk. My husband and I always do dinner at the cheesecake factory one weekend around Valentine's Day, adults only...

  7. Write a poem for each family member (explaining how they are special to you) and place where each family member can find it on Valentine's Day morning. It will warm their hearts the whole day long!

  8. i'm not a big v-day decorator either! i'm lucky to even get christmas up! maybe it's cause i spend so much time finding the right pieces/look for just regular that i don't have time to be switching them around. haha


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