Updated Traditional Style Kitchen/Family Room

I'd like to take a second to thank you for the kind words on my recent design projects.  It makes me so happy to hear when someone is inspired by something shared on the blog.  For information on how you can reserve your very own custom design plan (created specifically for you/your home), please click here

Today, I'd like to share a fun project, hot off the press.  This design board is from a Two Room Online Design Project that we just completed.  This design was created for Jodi's Kitchen and adjoining Family Room.  

Tackling both spaces at the same time allowed us to make the best design decisions for each space while ensuring seamless flow.  This was very important in this open concept home. 

We had a lot of fun with color and texture in this design. 

 The home itself is a beautiful traditional style new-build.  Our goal was to give her a custom design that is fresh, updated and current while embracing her traditional style preference.  

Both new and old pieces will fit right in.  For example, the modern floral rug is a perfect compliment to her heirloom dining table (given to Jodi by her grandmother).  Jodi has an affection for vintage keys, a collection like this will bring character and personality to the space.  

Lighting played a big roll in this design.  Jodi mentioned this area does'nt get a lot of natural light.  To brighten the space, we brought in lamps, a trio of pendants and recessed lighting.

Thank you, Jodi for "virtually" inviting me into your home.  
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*Out of courtesy to my client, I am unable to share detailed information about this custom design plan.  Thank you for understanding. 

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  1. LOVE it!!! This is exactly the inspiration I need for my own kitchen and living room/dining room combo!!!

    Debbie W., Ontario Canada

  2. Can you please tell me what paint colors you chose for the space? Love it!!

  3. Where did you find that awesome clock? If you are willing to share.... You had another beautiful french one a few posts back. They are just what I need! =)

  4. Love the style, colors and texture...trying to figure out how to incorporate those pillows into my space!

  5. Going to be beautiful. Love the rug!


  6. I adore this design! It has inspired my open kitchen/living space! Would u mind sharing the wall colors? As well as cabinet/floor choices as well? Thank you so much!


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