World Traveler's Office E-Design with Progress Photos

Hi there! I hope you had a nice weekend. I did, the weather was amazing (Finally, Michigan!) and we spent a lot of family time outside. I have to admit, as nice as it was, I'm SO EXCITED to be back to work in the Design Studio this morning! I have some FUN design projects in the works! (Click Here for more information on my affordable online design service).

Today, I'd like to share one of them. It's a recent E-Design plan I created for an office. In addition to sharing this design plan, I also have some progress photos that show how the new space is taking shape (check them out at the end of this post). When I began working with this client, the space was basically a blank slate. My client had a really nice desk and a gorgeous RH Leather Chair. But the room itself was empty. I created a design that was inspired from an amazing art collection the client has accumulated through travels. I selected a moody blue wall color to make the pretty moldings in the space pop and to set a dramatic backdrop for the artwork. 

Here is a look at the custom E-Design Plan I created for this client...

Now for the fun part, I have some progress photos of the room, taken from an iPhone. The design installation is not 100% complete yet, but most of the larger design elements are in place. Take a peek...

Here is the cozy lounging area I created using their existing RH chair. 

This is a snack/beverage station discussed in a pretty console table. They decided against the DIY console project and found a similar piece online. 

Same with the bookcase, they decided not to build the bookcase and found a similar piece in the same finish as the console. 

The bookcase styling started with the clients special items and was filled in with books and attractive accessories. 

Thanks for stopping by today and allowing me to share this project with you!

I have a few openings left for new online design clients. If you would like a design plan for a room in your home, now is a good time to make your reservation!

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  1. Such a lovely design and wonderful to see their photos of the progress. Looking fabulous!


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