Doll House Bookcase

Today's post demonstrates how proper storage combined with a few simple display techniques can make everyday stuff look amazing.  In this project, instead of hiding our clients toys and books away, we made them an important design feature. Not only did this make our little client happy, but her parents made out with a new family heirloom...


You may remember this design plan that I created for little miss Kendall (also known as Princess K).   Princess K is a big reader and loves to be surrounded by her growing library. 

Who am I to come between a girl and her books?  Instead of finding creative solutions to hide them, I embraced them.  Here is what the room looked like during the design install with her old bookcase tucked in the corner.  


This set up worked, it held her books and gave her easy access, but I wanted to go a step further and turn her favorite corner into a beautiful feature.  Something that she {and mom and dad} would absolutely love. My solution was a doll house bookcase...


I shopped around a little, but couldn't find one that fit into the space next to her bed. So... 
I called my favorite local carpenter (Rob Toth, Grand Blanc Mi) and asked him to build a custom dollhouse bookcase.  I sent him measurements and design indeas and Bam.  We  had a beautiful custom piece for Princess K.  A piece she can enjoy throughout her childhood and later in life as a family heirloom.

I asked Rob to leave the piece unfinished so I could experiment with a new line of paints from a local boutique.  I'll be posting that information soon with along with a tutorial.  

Since this piece was custom built, I got to choose the colors.  I went with warm white for the main body of the piece and a soft turquoise for the doors, roof and window trim.  These colors were pulled from Kendall's new bedding. For a little time worn character, I gave it a slightly distressed finish by lighting sanding the edges.  

To style the bookcase, I used Kendall's favorite books and toys. I approached the display like I would any other bookcase or built-in.   Some of the tricks I used were to lay some books flat and lean some of them upright.  Separating the books by color made the display pleasing to the eye.  

I incorporated items that encourage Princess K to get cozy in this corner, like her favorite pillow, stuffed animals and blanket. 

Since the house is divided into six "rooms" it's fabulously multifunctional.  Some of the spaces can be used for books while others are available for doll house activities. 

Kendall's reaction to her new bookcase was priceless.

After styling the doll house and photographing her brand new room, I spent a little time playing with the princess.

She he had some great ideas on how to improve on my bookcase styling.  
I just love her, she's a girl after my own heart.  

She wasted no time bringing in the big guns.  Her collection of "people".  They fit perfectly in the attic area where she set up their new home.  

More to come on Kendall's brand new big girl space! 
{And, her twin brother's new big boy room}.  

This room was conceived through one of my affordable design plans.  Since Kendall's family lives locally in the Detroit area, I was able to photograph the finished space, assist with the bookcase styling and implement a custom DIY wall monogram that you can read about here.  For information on how we can get started on a design plan for your home,  please click here.  I'm now taking new clients!  

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  1. What color did you paint the walls? I'm doing the same bedding in my daughters room

    1. Hi Anonymous, It was a custom color. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I had a friend build a similar shelf for my youngest daughter several years ago. It's been well-loved! Melissa and Doug have a cute castle set of people and furniture that sets up perfectly in the house.

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks for the tip! I will check into that:) Sarah

  3. I LOVE this doll house bookcase!
    We are in the process of moving over the next 2 years (in my parent's house, they are moving south), I'm gaining a whole new house to decorate! I'm planning lavender and grey for my daughter (will be 4 when we move), this room is the perfect inspiration I need for her room... I was looking at the Pottery Barn Kids bedding as well.
    Each time I see one of your room designs... I'm inspired for our new home! Thank you!


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