Makeover Monday~Kids Trophy Display

The older my boys get, the more sports take over their lives - and our house.
This winter my goal was to update their bedroom by transitioning from a nautical theme into a sports theme. Organization and additional storage were a top priority.

Their original bedroom was designed around their love of time spent at our family cottage in Northern Michigan. Now that they are older, most of their time and attention is focused on sports.

Here is the old room...


The transformation started with a new wall color, fun stripes and a custom built DIY trundle bed.
Their old artwork was beginning to feel juvenile so it was retired. This created a large open space over the new bed.

The boys are very proud of their trophies, medals and team photos. The growing collection was starting to become clutter around the room. Instead of resisting it, I decided to embrace it and make it the focal point of the space. I created a sports display with a custom built-in shelving unit on the blank wall.

The Tutorial...

To create the trophy shelf I used two pine boards, two wood brackets and four white picture frames from the dollar store.

After one coat of primer and two coats of white paint, I screwed one of the pine boards into the wall. Using three inch screws I drilled directly through the board into the studs.

The brackets were attached using screws and construction adhesive.

Once the glue was dry,
the top board was put into place and screwed into the bottom board and the brackets.

Since this shelf is mounted over the bed, safety was a number one priority.

I used velcro picture hangers (by Cammand)  to mount the frames to the bottom board (covering the screws). By using velcro, the frames are secure but still removable.
As the seasons change we can easily swap out the team photos.

For a little added inspiration I printed and framed the boys' favorite quote.

Along with their passion for their individual sports lies a love for our Detroit teams.

I made sure the new built-in shelf was extra deep providing plenty of room to accommodate their growing collection of trophies and cherished Detroit team collectibles.

This project cost less than $40 when it was all said and done. Wood brackets and pine boards are very inexpensive {they are also light weight which is a plus for wall mounting}. The frames came from the dollar store and the accessories consisted of things the kids already had.

Not only was this project budget friendly but it was a snap to put together. I think it took longer for me to write this post than it did to create the shelf.
While I was busy working on the trophy shelf, I put my Hubby to work in the closet. The boys room has two closets. I popped the door off of this one to create a little more room space.

Here is what it looked like before:


After removing the door, the closet was painted the same wall color as the rest of the space.

The wire builder grade closet rack was removed and replaced with two built-in laminated wood shelves.

My husband designed the closet to provide storage for sports equipment in an attractive way.

He was able to create a custom closet design with lots of storage by incorporating a tall dresser.

A hanging bar for easy access of sweatshirts, uniforms, singlets and jerseys was hung low within a child's reach.

And of course, another trophy shelf.

Now, instead of stressing out about a lack of storage space for sports stuff, we are excited about adding more!

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  1. Love the stripes, love the shelving and putting the photos under the shelf was a great idea, the room looks awesome! Also must say, the Detroit Lions helmet is my favorite accessory, I love my Lions being a Michigan native. Great job and where did you find the navy bedding?

    1. I'm loving that Lions helmet myself. I'm a Georgia girl who grew up a Lions fan. My Lions love grew even more with the addition of Matthew Stafford :-)

  2. Love that shelf over the bed! So clever how you drilled the board for photo display. Love that idea! So often our sports stuff is a pile of clutter and we never see the team photo after we get it back. This may have to go on the "to do list". Thanks for the inspiration!

    I'm a fellow Michigander, so I appreciate the Detroit team decor too:)!!!


  3. I love all of the new shelving! And how you put the sports pictures under the shelf in the bedroom....I will have to remember that for my little boy since I'm sure we will have plenty of sports junk to display :).

  4. Looks amazing! I love the stripe on the wall. And what a creative way to display frames without them being free standing on the wall.

  5. Simply Brilliant and so classy.

  6. beautiful! What a great little guys room... good job! Thanks for sharing and have a marvelous Monday

  7. Ohhh love the interchangeable pictures in the shelf! Brilliant!

    The winter project I am most proud of is the face lift we gave our laundry room. Now the chore is not so bad as it's such an inviting space today. Check our my post on the big reveal.

  8. What a very cool room your son has. Even his closet is coordinated with his bedroom. I love it!!

  9. Love this!!!!!!! I definitely will be doing this for my boys room. ~Thanks!

  10. I looks great! I love the stripes.

  11. I have been searching for wooden brackets just like those that you used on this amazing shelf? Are those from HD? Is there a brand/name on them?

  12. The room looks fabulous, Sarah. I love the closet for sports equipment. We need something like that in our house. I am trying to embrace the trophies too - the shelf looks so custom!

  13. Hi!! Do you remember the colors you used for te wall and stripe?? This is the dream room for my boys!!

  14. Oh this is awesome. We have two boys and I just picked up a shelf at Good Will for a buck myself to make a trophy shelf for the oldest. I LOVE your ideas! So fresh and very BOY!

  15. What are the sizes of the pine boards?

  16. Hi would you be able to tell me what color and brand of paint you used for the wall color. Thanks

  17. Paint color, please!!!!!


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