Houzz Feature~What Are Your Thoughts On Horizontal Stripes?

Right now, I think we all love horizontal stripes.  Maybe not on our bodies, but definitely in our homes.  This is a great ideabook from Houzz.com with some gorgeous striped spaces. 
 I am honored to have my boys room featured in this article...

I don't think I'll ever tire of stripes.  They are an easy way to wake up a tired space or finish off a room that's missing something.   How about you?  Do you think horizontal stripes are here to stay? Or, are they just a current design trend that will eventually run it's course?  

What are your thoughts?  How have you used them in your home?  Feel free to post pictures of your stripes on my facebook page or tell me about them in the comments.  
I love to hear what you have to say!

In case you are already looking to cover your striped walls, Mandi @ Vintage Revivals just posted a tutorial for painting over stripes.  She shared some great tips, here


  1. I love the look of stripes, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be brave enough to try it myself. It looks like a lot of work - but you sure made it look good in this room!

  2. I love them and plan on doing some on my entry way ceiling !!

  3. I love them and plan to do the curtains (from your blog)in our living room and painted stripes in our mudroom!

  4. I love them and can't wait to do the striped curtains for our living room. I also want to do stripes in our mudroom.

  5. I love stripes, but I have to disagree with you a bit.

    1) I love that stripes are back in fashion. I will wear striped dresses and blouses and pretend to be on a boat or a French girl until they stop making them.

    2) The stripes in the image above are beautiful because they are varied in tone and thickness and basically look like a simple geometric mural on that wall. However, too many people now just throw some painter's tape up on the wall in even, dense spacing and end up looking like they live in a prison. If you choose to use stripes and want it to not look dated, please use a delicate and restrained hand, like you did in your boy's room. That looks amazing.

  6. I'm crazy about horizontal stripes! However, I like subtle stripes with neutrals or grays (light colors)...and I love to be bold with the accessories!

  7. I love horizontal stipes too! Last year I added them to my back hallway and am so pleased with the result...


    They add a fresh perspective to an otherwise forgotten space. Congratulations on your feature over at Houzz!

  8. I LOVE horizontal stripes. My husband and I are in the process of looking for a home and painted stripes will definitely be making one appearance (at the very least) in our new home.

  9. I like the look, but found it difficult to live with them.

    I kissed mine goodbye and couldn't be happier. Definitely a trend.

  10. I like the look in other people's houses, but agree with the ADD comment. ;-) I think horizontal are trendy and vertical are classic.


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