31 Days of Character Building: Christmas Decor With Character

Welcome to Day 7 of my 31 Day Series on Building Character.

I use the Holidays as an excuse to put our family personality on display in our home.   I love to incorporate personal items into my Holiday decor to remind us of who we are.  What better way to really give a home character than showcasing the character of the people who live there?  Especially at Christmas time when we are entertaining a lot and surrounded by our family.

Here is a short video tour of my home at Christmas time last year...

(please click on the frame to view it larger)

Yesterday, Melissa posted about finding your Holiday Decor Groove and I think after years of stressing about Christmas decorating, I found mine.  It's pretty simple.   I take things that have special meaning to me and build around them. Things that don't really have anything to do with Christmas.

Some of my favorite holiday decorations are our babies' first shoes, baby mittens and our family Christening gown.

I also like to display Christmas artwork from the kids younger days.  In the boys' room their tree is decorated with their first boating shoes and their handmade ornaments.  I dismantled their baby mobile and used the little boats as ornaments.

In my daughters room, I use her first ballet tutu as her tree skirt.

 Every year when this tree goes up, we all stop to reflect on what is truely important, family.  Each year (since I was a little girl) my Dad gave me a Hallmark ornament until he passed away two years ago.  The Living Room Tree is dedicated to that ornament collection.  Not only is this tree pretty, but it reminds us of him and all the Holidays spent together.
(You can see the DIY flocking technique I used on this tree, Here).

Everything is more beautiful when there is a story behind it.  Especially when it's Your Story. 

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my Halloween decor.
 I think I did this backwards, now I'm in the mood for Christmas.

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  1. Love the video and yes now I am ready for Christmas! I still one more "orange" plastic tub to unload for fall though. Thanks for sharing, wonderful photos.

  2. I love all of the personal touches that you've spread around. What a gorgeous place to spend the holidays!

  3. I love your use of black and white in your home, they are my favorite combo in colors!
    The lit trees outside your home, for Christmas, literally took my breathe away...just beautiful!

  4. Beautiful video. Love all the special, personal touches that make your house a home.

  5. Sarah, that was beautiful!! I love your home, and at Christmas it's even more beautiful!! My daughter says that I am always trying to create Norman Rockwell holidays, well I would say you have!! My daughter also says looking at your video is like looking at a Hallmark commercial, it did kind of bring tears to my eyes, I know I am a crier :) Any way beautiful as usual, and I definitely can't wait for Christmas!!

  6. Beautiful decorations! I love the one in your daughter's room. My daughter has one all year round on her dresser.

    Can't wait to see your Halloween! We decorate like mad for Halloween and have a big Halloween bash. We love it!



  7. Love your Christmas home Sarah! Just gorgeous!! xo

  8. Love it...the tutu is brilliant.

    The tealights with the numbers...is that your advent?

  9. I loved this post and your Christmas decorating. I so miss the snow and how the lights reflect off of it that was seen in your video. We moved out here to AZ three years ago and I miss it. We lived in Swartz Creek, went to church in Goodrich, and have family still in Flushing and Davison. So excited to be heading back there this weekend to enjoy the Fall season and all of its beauty. We haven't been back for the Fall since we moved out here. Hoping the leaves are still on the trees in all their radiant color. Thanks for your 31 days post, they are beautiful.

  10. I'm in the mood for Christmas too. Okay, well soon anyways.

  11. I am always in the mood for Christmas so I really love this post and your lovely ideas. I hope you have fun decorating for Christmas this year!

    Best wishes,

  12. Just found your blog through a Pinterest photo of your black doors and moldings. Beautiful home! Looking forward to reading up on your great blog!!Enjoy your weekend

  13. I love your video and your home at Christmastime, how lovely! I have been guilty in the past of too much Christmas overload, especially in decor. I think I grew up in a time and a house of Christmas overload so some of that just stuck. But I am finding as I get older I want less decor and more meaning in my celebration. This blog post was an inspiration to simplify and add more meaning. We have recently moved and I literally halved my Christmas decor. Thanks for the inspiration and looking forward to simplifying my decor this upcoming season.

  14. i love your red, black and white colors in your living room! that's what i have in mine too! i just wish i also have a talent in DIY home decorating :(

  15. How did you do your silhouette portraits? I love that idea!


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