Tutorial: Flocking With Paint & Glitter

This year, I was on a quest to find a better method for flocking my artificial tree.  I wanted durability, a thick texture and lots of sparkle. 

All I could find on the internet were recipes from the 60's with glue and Ivory Soap Flakes.   Sounded way too messy.  

So, I came up with my own solution.  For this project I used a thrift store tree, a can of white paint and glitter.

I took the tree apart and applied a thick layer of paint on the top of  just the tips of the branches (where snow would naturally fall). 

 While the paint was wet,  I sprinkled it with glitter.  

I reassembled the tree as I went along.  It took about 24 hours to dry and it made a huge mess, I would recommend doing this outside.

Durability, thick texture and lots of sparkle.


  1. Beautiful, wish I had the patience to do this!! May I ask where you got the shelf ladder that's in several of your RMS pics? I love the way you decorate it with the seasons and would like to get one for myself.

  2. Marissa, I found the shelf ladder at JC Penney a few years ago. Thank you for following and for your sweet comments! Sarah

  3. What a wonderful way to flock a tree and it looks wonderful!!!

    Great technique.


  4. I LOVE looking at your blog and how you decorate. Where do you find your snowflakes like the ones on the mantle? Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love your idea but could you share a full picture of your tree.

  6. That looks great. I have a girl tree that I've been wanting to replace with a white one, but I've yet to do it. This would be a nice solution.

  7. The "flocking" is gorgeous! I love how you filled the tree with so many ornaments--it just looks inspiring & perfect, right out of a magazine!
    Have a very Merry Christmas :)
    PS Love your daughter's room with the huge horse silhouette, too!

  8. This turned out great. Your patience paid off!

  9. GORGEOUS!!!!!
    I wish I had the nerve to do this to my tree!!!

  10. Love this!! I am so glad I found it... I have a couple of heavily flocked trees and some of the bulbs quit ...which means adding new light strand in and the strands look ridiculous not flocked~ they stand out like a sore thumb! Thanks for sharing this tutorial! Stopping by from Funky Junks- :)

  11. Well and beautifully done, you clever woman. Kudos!

  12. Oh boy, that looks like it was a BIG and messy job! You are a brave woman... and patient too! I would have ripped the tree to shreds the way my patience goes! LOL! It looks great BTW! Very natural, I love it!


  13. Wow! That is REALLY gorgeous! I never would have thought to do that!

  14. Looks so so pretty. Great idea :)


  15. Your tree turned out Beautifuly! Thanks for the instructions!

  16. i stumbled upon your blog today from a pinterest post. it is unbelievable. your stuff is so beautiful. i always have to have a project going on at my house for my days off and you just gave me enough for the rest of the year. amazing!

  17. Love it. I tried the "easy way" with the spray snow. Every single bit of it had rubbed off when I put the lights on it. Next year I will be doing this for sure. Wish I hadn't already put my lights on or I would do it now.

    How has it held up and does the glitter come off very much?

    Also, your snowflakes from dollar tree... are they hard or made from a type of foam? I looked but I didn't know which ones you used.



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