31 Days of Character Building: Easy Odd Shaped Window Solution

Welcome to day 26 of my 31 Day Series, Building Character.

Little did I know, for years my family had a secret running joke about my house.  It wasn't until last Christmas that I discovered it.  During our family Christmas party, I noticed a line forming upstairs outside the master bathroom. 
Evidently, no one wanted to use my lower level powder room.  The one I just did a complete makeover on and is currently featured in Bedrooms and Baths Magazine.
The reason was this...

This window (which happens to look out onto the front porch and main entrance) is one of my favorite features of the house.  I knew there was a slight privacy issue but I never had the guts to cover it.  It lets in a ton of natural light and it's just plain cute. 

For the comfort of my loving family who seem to have a weird thing for bathroom privacy, I went to Home Depot in search of a solution.  This is what I found:

Privacy film.  It comes in many different finishes.  The one I chose mimics the look of hand blown glass bubbles.  The price was reasonable and the installation was super easy.  A little soap and water inside a spray bottle, a window squeegee, and a sharp razor were all I needed to apply the film to the window.  It also can be removed and re-applied if needed.



The things we do for the ones we love...

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  1. Sarah, that is so funny that everyone was going upstairs! This is a great solution rather than covering up that lovely window!

  2. Oh gosh, that's a funny story Sarah! Great idea to add the privacy film.

  3. Your blog is one of my top ten decorating blogs. Real life, baby, is what it's all about. Houses are for living.

    I would have gone upstairs, too.

  4. Oh I love that window and would hate to cover it too, however you found a great solution. Looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  5. I'm laughing too, but because my niece's home in our same neighbourhood has a rectangular version looking onto her porch. At big get togethers we had the same issues. They used the same product, but I like yours with the bubbles better.

  6. What a cute story, hopefully your family will use it now! What a pretty color you used in there, it isn't dark but so bright and pretty.
    Hugs, cindy

  7. We had the same issue with out guest bath and master bath. At the time the film was out of our budget so we bought Krylon's frosted glass spraypaint. Cost was $6 and we had enough for 2 windows and it comes off easy with a razor blade scraper.

  8. My master bath toilet room overlooks our front porch! It's awkward to say the least. Luckily ours is a regular window so we have blinds.


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