31 Days of Building Character: More On The Door

Welcome to day 27 of my 31 Day Series, Building Character.  The other day, I talked about adding character to the exterior of our home.  Here are more details on the door project.

One of the cheapest, easiest ways I gave our house a curb side personality was painting the front door.
Our door has gone through many phases.  When we first moved in it was the same burgundy as the shutters.

It wasn't long before I painted it black.

Then, it was red.

Then, I came up with a plan to use the door to create the illusion of another window from the inside.  
Michigan winters are long.  It's important for my sanity to have as much natural light in the house as possible.  I decided to replace the steel slab door with a full view glass door.  You can read all about how I accomplished this for $100, here.

This is my all time favorite project at The Yellow Cape Cod.  It made such an amazing difference in the entire lower level.  It's like someone came in our home after seven years and turned the lights on.

A few well intentioned neighbors have expressed their concern for our privacy.  After yesterday's post, you know privacy does not top my list of worries.  To ease everyone else's mind, I came up with a solution...

Magnetic Curtain Rods from Country Curtains.
They allow me to cover and uncover the window easily as needed.  They even make a small version for the sidelight.

Thank you, neighbors, for looking out for us.  If you hadn't totally freaked me out, I wouldn't have these pretty curtains (also from Country Curtains)...

Most of the time, the curtains are tucked away in the hall closet.  When the need for privacy arrises, I can grab them and stick them to the door and sidelight in less than a minute.

Another (well intentioned) neighbor asked if I was worried that someone may break through the glass and enter my home.  I listened to him, thought about it, freaked out a little and then decided... I'm no more worried about them breaking through the door glass then I am our full legnth windows.  The glass we had inserted as secure and safe as the windows in our home.

Either way, my security system, the dog, my awesome neighborhood watch ;), and my faith keep me feeling safe.  

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  1. I have a full French door for my front door and I love it, the contractor thought I was crazy until after it was done and then he had to admit it was pretty special. I can not imagine having it any other way in my home. I love the light that streams in, in the mornings. I don't have any window coverings on the front of my house, I love the light!!! Yours looks amazing, so now we are in the same club, Kathysue

  2. I did the same thing at our house in the mud room (dark hole) and the front door which we never use. Let there be light! I live in Maine and suspect Michigan has a similar feel to our winters...dark and cold and long.

    I love your blog. You have such a down-to-earth friendly way of sharing and writing. If I ever give myself a gift of decorating consultation again, you're the one!

  3. I love your new door! However, I really want to know how you successfully painted the metal door you had. I have seen some terrible paint jobs and so I have been very afraid to do it. Thanks

  4. Beautiful! I can't believe you transformed your door for that price. Our front and back doors are full glass. It doesn't bother me at all. It's so pretty. :)

  5. Love it! Can you post 365 days of these all year! I seriously look forward to every post this month. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Luv it!! Btw, what color of paint is in your entryway??

  7. Crazy! I found your red door on google a month ago and fell in love. What color red is it?

    1. Here is a link for all the paint colors in my home (including the door):

      Hope that helps!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Where did you find that Coat rack?? I LOVE it and can't seem to find anything like it!

  9. I'm also wondering about the coat rack! It's amazing!

  10. I know this is an old post but I love your entryway! I featured it on my blog today http://www.cupcakesandcorndogs.com/2012/05/diy-faux-stone-planters.html

  11. We have a full glass door and had considered the potential break-in situation as well. Our lab and golden might lick someone to welcome them, but they wouldn't stop a robber. Our solution was to have a keyed lock on the inside. In other words, it takes a key to get out of the house. We use a very large, decorative key ring and hang the key nearby, so that it is always easy to find and to use. We do have to remember to tell overnight visitors, in case of fire. But otherwise, it has really worked for us.

  12. I liked it much better as the full wood door in black with the brass kick-plate.

  13. I love your blog and all the wonderful design tips but I really did love the full wood front door in black with the brass kick-plate so much more.

  14. We have the same version of door...with the windows, however, it is natural wood from the early 1900's.....I am thinking of painting it, as well....but hate to paint over natural woodwork.....LOVE your door

  15. Something to consider for a glass door or ground floor windows---You can have clear security window film professionally installed on the glass. It is a thicker film & will deter break-in, as the film holds the glass in place.

  16. I have a burgundy door with burgundy shutters as well. I've been thinking about painting the door black and spray painting the kick plate and door knocker (they are 24 years old and have seen better days) would you recommend painting the door and the shutters, or would just the door be okay? We only have 3 windows with shutters and they are on the second story. I appreciate any advice you can give!


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