31 Days of Character Building: Landscape

Welcome to day 24 of my 31 Day Series, Building Character. 

Adding character and personality to a new build is just as important outside as it is on the inside. When we purchased our new home, the exterior had a lot of special features that we really liked.  The landscaping however, left a little to be desired.  

Here it is what it look like the day we bought it...


Here is how it has evolved:


I do not have a green thumb.  Therefore, I chose plantings based on the level of maintenance they require.   

Since I had never planned a landscape project I really didn't know where to start.

 I decided to rely on my decorating skills and apply my design philosophies to the landscape.

The concepts I applied were, Size (bigger is better and less is more), Color (variation in color for interest), Texture (combining plants with variation in the size of foliage), Contrast (using dark black mulch for drama) and Repetition (repeating the same elements throughout the yard).

Each year we add something new.  

And each year it gets a little closer to the look we are trying to achieve. 
One week left in my month long series.  Thanks for sticking with me!

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing so many tips & instructions this month. I've really enjoyed every post, and have learned a LOT!

  2. Looks, great! What kind of plants are the 3 big round ones in the front of the house? do you remember?

  3. You did such a great job!
    I like your thinking, do what you would do inside. I always feel so intimidated with outdoor stuff but I'm going to use your philosophy!

  4. Your home has great curb appeal. I love the black doors and shutters. Very sharp looking.

  5. It looks gorgeous!!! You have a great eye for design, inside the house and outside!!

  6. I have loved all your posts. I even made my husband set through all of them. You have really great ideas that would fit well with our personalities. Anyway, thanks and will be looking forward to the next days posts.

  7. Your house is so pretty!!! I like the "less is more" philosophy. I need to pull out some overgrown landscaping in my gardens and simplify them. I love the clean look of yours.

  8. Hello I love your front garden, this is exactly what I am looking to do for our front yard.Do you know the names of the plants that that you used? especially those cute little round bushes.


  9. Just found you and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep up the amazing work.

  10. Your home is beautiful!!! It has such a great curb appeal. I love the style of home too.

  11. Really beautiful! I also was wondering what the big round shrubs are called. Thanks!

  12. Really beautiful! Could you tell me what kind of shrub the big round ones are? Thanks!


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