Client Reviews

"Sarah, ...I have blown the entire afternoon watching and re-watching {my online design plan video} and reading every word you wrote.  I could not be anymore pleased.  I am over the mood happy!  You are one talented girl.  I have sent this onto my sisters and friends and they are equally as floored and impressed.  Thank you just isn't enough.  Not only are you patient (those "gray" paint days got pretty long didn't they?) but, so talented.   Not to mention computer savvy!  Goodness, you give a lot for the money.  I will send "after" pictures.  With much appreciation."  -Patty S. 

"Love, Love, Love, the design.  You did an awesome job. You knew exactly what I was in search of I love every part of it..." -Kim B.

"Sarah,  Okay that's awesome! It kind of rocked my world a little bit because it was pretty unexpected...I have NEVER thought of adding green and navy to the room...but I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I am soo glad I got you to do this plan for me! THANK YOU! You really brought some fun and color to the room...I am really looking forward to this! It's realllllly amazing!  AND, now you are going to have to do another room for me! I'll purchase another design plan from you after xmas when the dust has settled from our basement renos.:) I CANNOT wait!(You're doing our upstairs library next!!!!lol!)".  -Mina B

"Oh, Sarah!  I'm so excited about my design plan and my husband is, too!  After I saw the plan, I hopped into the van and headed straight to Target with the little ones in tow...By the way, I did paint the tile grout on my bathroom floor and it looks a thousand times better!  Thank you so much for that tutorial!  You truly exceeded my expectations of the design plan--my living room has been a design conundrum and I appreciate all of your help!"  -Jenni G.
"Sarah, thank you for my beautiful home!!  It is amazing.  I love it, it's exactly what I wanted!" -Carol S.

"Hi Sarah,  Honestly, I think you know me.....I don't know how you hit the nail on the head so well, but you did. I am IN LOVE with the concept and I'm just swooning over the {fabric}. I think your concept for the room is just beautiful --- and so what I'm looking for...".  -Stephanie C.

"Visiting and working with the talented Sarah was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had since owning my first home.  My husband and I sent here a few photos of our dining room and she crafted a layout that took our breath away.  Sarah has the amazing gift of knowing her client's style just from a few simple pictures.  Her creativity and simplicity are to be admired and she should be featured in an array of designer magazines.  She can adjust her visions to meet the design needs of her clients.  You will not be disappointed if you work with her on your home".  -Katie M.

"Oh my goodness, we love it!!!  Such great ideas!  We can't wait to get started...Thank you so much for getting our design plan done so quickly.  You have designed a space our family can enjoy for years".  -Cara S.

"We love it!  You did such a wonderful job.  I couldn't sleep last night I was so excited to get started painting and decorating.  I love the colors and all of the furnishings".  -Stephanie S.

"Sarah, this is awesome! I love the colors and the flooring! My husband loves it too! And your right about taking down the window treatments. Did that this morning and the room is already much brighter... I cant wait to get started. As soon as we do I will be sending updated photos. Also Ill be submitting for your help on our double decker screened porches. Thanks so much. All of it is wonderful. Im afraid it will show up the rest of the house. :)"  -Lindsey R.

"We love what you put together for (us).  Thank you so much!  I love how it has all come together, you have such a great talent for this, and I can't thank you enough!  Our home is going to be so inviting, thanks to you...." -Kim N.

"Beautiful, gorgeous and amazing!  Love, love, love it Sarah.  Thank you!!  Hubby loves it too.  You are so talented!!"  -Melissa B.

"I felt like a kid on Christmas morning looking at (My Online Design)!  I love how everything comes together - and how it blends with the rest of my house, yet still looks fresh and modern."  -Sarah Malys

"...(We) reviewed the design plan and absolutely LOVE it!  We are so pleased with your layout and suggestions.  We feel you truly captured our "spirit" and overall concept for the house.  Thank you".  -Carolyn G.

"Dear, Dear, Sarah,  I absolutely love it!  You have a very special talent. I will be using all your ideas."
 -Linda Strickler

"Sarah, I can't thank you enough! I LOVE what you've come up with.  I'm so excited to get started with the painting-I'd never thought of the darker shade below and think it's going to look great.  I also love the window treatments and other accessories.  And the rug is wonderful!  I'll be hard at work and will send you a picture when I've made some progress!  Thanks again for your time.  I really appreciate it!  If you ever need any recommendations, I'd be happy to provide one." -Kimberly Mackin  

"Love, Love, LOVE what you have put together for me Sarah! The fabrics and patterns are beautiful - just what I was looking for (yet was unable to realize it myself!). Thank you so much!" -Sarah Malys

"I.  Love.  It.  You did such an amazing job getting a feel for what I love!!!  I am so excited to get started.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!" -Jessica Snook

"Sarah,  You are a BABE.  (On the left coast, that is high praise.  Trust me.)  I cannot WAIT to get started on this makeover!!!!  (In real life, I actually squealed right here.)  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, all of it!!! Your are SO fast and SO clever!  Love love love!!!  A place to begin, Finally.  Is that all it's rally about?  I feel so empowered in this moment, you have no idea...Or maybe you do.  Thank you, Sarah.  Truly.  Thank you.  AND you gave me an art project!  I could kiss you!!!  Muuuuuah!!!  Okay, settling down now.....)
  -Amy K.

"...I'm drooling over your vision and the possibilities!...I feel like you "get" what we like.  Thank you for starting to pull this all together for us.  We've been stuck for so long!" -Kim N.

"I love what you came up with!! ...You came up with all things I never would have done, which I like.  I need to get out of my matchy matchy comfort zone. I would also love to send you some pix of my bedroom. . .I can’t wait to take these ideas and run with them.  Honestly would love to have you do more rooms for me as the months progress.  I have rooms that are “done" but would like your opinion on how to improve/make them better.  Again, thank you so much for the time spent on this and your hard work and keen eye.  This has been a great exercise for me that I would love to continue with you!!" 
-Kristen W.

"Thank you so much for the online design Sarah. I absolutely love it!.... I am so happy I found you. Now I can move forward with a plan and get this room completed (something I've been putting off for some time because I keep second guessing myself). My hubby will be so delighted!  This has really been so helpful...Thank you again!"
-Beth J.

"WOW!  Thank you, Thank you.  The ideas look great...The fireplace looks completely different and it needed that.  I appreciate the nice words on my house and my belongings.  You have a good eye and kind way of putting comments.  Once again, thank you.  I am excited to implement some of the changes as quickly as possible."

"Sarah did a wonderful job of taking just the few photos I sent her and coming up with a design scheme that worked with the existing furniture I already had.  She had a feel for what I liked and took off from there!!  Her suggestions were budget friendly as well.  I already started using her design and even though I am not finished, the room already looks amazing!!  Thanks so much Sarah!"  -Mary Conway

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