Designing With a Bold Carpet Pattern - Country Club Ladies Room Design

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Last week, I had the opportunity to design a commercial space. I created this design plan for a Ladies Room located in large Golf and Country Club. I created a new look for the room while maintaining a few of the existing design elements. The carpet with a traditional scroll design was one of the current elements I needed to work with, as the carpeting in the ladies room runs throughout the clubhouse. My goal in this project was to give the ladies room a cozy feel, and a high end, dramatic, intriguing style that is not only updated and relevant, but has a deep feel of country club nostalgia that will stand the test of design time. This room design has it's own look, yet it flows with the traditional country club style and rich history featured throughout the rest of the building. The new elements I chose work with the colors and pattern featured in the carpet, yet they capture your attention making the carpeting less of a focal point. 

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