Tips For An Exciting Neutral Kitchen Design

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Today in the studio, I'm working on an exciting kitchen design. My client asked me to help her make some updates to the beautiful home that she shares with her family. After consulting with them, I learned that they love casual, comfortable spaces that feel warm and inviting. They are drawn to classic, neutral interiors. They also want a look that is on trend and in style. 

I thought this was a great opportunity to pop over here on the blog and share some inspiration.  The secret to an all neutral design that is anything but bland, is to incorporate contrast and texture in your elements. Contrast and texture keep the look interesting and full of depth. You can add excitement to your space without high doses of color.

Case in point, take a look at this Neutral Kitchen Design I just finished for my client:

Back to work! Thanks again, for stopping by!

If you're ready to get started on a room in your home, now is the time! Once the cooler weather approaches, fall nesting kicks in and my design studio fills up fast. Let's get ahead of the rush! 

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