What Was In This Month's Stitch Fix Box

A few weeks ago, I told you all about my new obsession with Stitch Fix (if you missed it, click here) I shared one of my recent "fixes" and you guys responded that you wanted to see more. Well today, I received another Stitch Fix box in the mail! I took some pictures to show you what my personal stylist chose for me this time!

Each month this little box shows up at my door. Inside are a total five articles that consist of clothing, outwear, accessories, shoes/boots, jewelry, etc. Each item is selected specifically for me by my personal Stitch Fix Stylist. The first thing I see when I open the box is an envelope that contains a personal note to me along with style cards for each item in the box. The style cards provide outfit inspiration and ideas for styling the new items with other pieces (things that I already may have in my wardrobe). 

 Here are the style cards for the items I received today...

I peeked at the style cards before tearing into the tissue. Just by looking at the cards, I could tell that my stylist nailed this fix. This month, I asked her to select pieces to help transition my wardrobe into fall. I created a pin board and went a little nuts pinning outfits that appealed to me (click here if you want to see my Fashion Pin Board.) This helped her get a good sense of my fall fashion crushes.

The first item out of the box was this incredible knit poncho (The Jana Poncho).  It's a soft, chunky, gray, knit pullover sweater that's perfect for layering. It has a really cute fitted sleeve with high slits on each side that give it a little more shape and style than your average sweater poncho. This will be my weekend "Football Mom" staple piece. 

The next item was a little more on the dressy side (The Gareta Lace Back Blouse). I'll be honest, when I first saw it, I was a little indifferent to it. Once I tried it on, I was floored at how much I loved this top. The fit is flattering, the light color looks amazing with dark denim pants and the lace detail on the back is so romantic. I never would have chosen this top for myself, I'm so glad my Stylist selected it for me. 

The Elyse Printed Slim Straight Leg Pants were next. These black dressy leggings are on the "business casual" side making them a great choice for weekdays. They feature a very subtle herringbone pattern that gives them a little more interest than your average black dress pants and the slim fit is very flattering. They are kind of like a combination of yoga pants and suit pants!

I may have squealed when I pulled out The Callie Denim Jacket. This light-washed, deconstructed jacket is just what I need to give my beloved summer tank tops and sundresses a new fall/winter life. I've already thought of a thousand things in my wardrobe that I can layer under this jacket.  I can't say that I wouldn't choose a jean jacket for myself, but I can say I may not have chosen one that was this heavily distressed. Again, I am so glad my stylist chose it for me, because I love how the distressing makes my outfits look a little more youthful. 

The last item in my box is my favorite item in this month's fix. The Barb Perforated Peep Toe Bootie is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

I ended up keeping 3 of the 5 items in this fix. There were two things I decided to send back, though it wasn't because I didn't love them. The pants were so cute, but they were too long for me. I also (very reluctantly) sent back the booties due to the open toe. I LOVED the look of the open toe, but for a Michigan Girl,  I would not be able to wear them very long without risking frostbite. 

This month's Fall Fix was my favorite fix so far. Even though I only kept three pieces, I will be taking my stylists direction and finding a pair of similar booties (with a closed toe) and some patterned black dress leggings to add to my wardrobe. 

So far, Stitch Fix has been a fun experience. My stylist has selected some pieces for me that I would never have picked for myself. These pieces quickly became my favorites. Aside from the convenience of not having to shop for myself, I really enjoy having the fresh perspective of a Professional Fashion Stylist.

Stay tuned for more! I've requested to receive one fix per month. 

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*This is NOT a sponsored post. I do however recieve a merchandise credit for anyone who signs up for Stitch Fix using my link (here).


  1. I signed up for Stitch Fix a while back and when I got my first box I was in love....with everything except the prices! I realize some pieces are pretty much one of a kind but since I no longer work I just couldn't justify paying for them. I found a top almost identical to one in the box at TJ Maxx for less than 1/2 of what Stitch Fix was charging (quite by accident, I wasn't looking for it). Although I loved the shoes they sent, I think they were $90 and I had a pair similar so I sent back everything. I do think Stitch Fix is a great idea and love the concept but I probably won't be buying from them.

    1. Hi Judy! I selected the "Lower Moderate" price point, but I see what your saying and agree that some of the items are priced slightly higher than I normally would pay if I were to shop for myself. The service and the experience of having a stylist makes it worth the extra cost for me. I don't have a lot of time to shop and I really appreciate having a stylist select items that I wouldn't normally choose. The personalized style cards that they've sent have given me a lot of ideas on how to use items I already have in my closet. For me, the service saves me time and my stylist has taught me a lot, so I justify the extra expense. High five on your TJ find, I love that place! :)

    2. I totally agree with you about having a stylist Sarah! My box was totally "me" and the items were beautiful. I don't know if I was aware of the "Lower Moderate" price point option but it's something worth checking into. I kept the style card that came in my box so I could use it as a reference point for the future. I finally have plenty of time (too much time sometimes - LOL) to shop since I quit work 3 years ago....one of the perks of being early retired!


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