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Yesterday, I shared the story with you on how my new watch inspired a time saving DIY project that has made my weekends so much easier.  I've named this project the "Wardrobe Planning Center"...

You may remember I started this project a while back. I took a long blank wall in my bedroom and added brackets, a long shelf and four pretty hooks to the board and batten trim (you can catch the step by step tutorial for that process here). After the idea of creating a Wardrobe Planning Center was born, I decided this was the perfect spot for it. 

My busy weekends are now a little easier and more enjoyable thanks to this cute DIY project. I'm able to plan out and prepare everything I need to wear (including jackets, accessories, jewelry, handbags and shoes) for the entire weekend so it's ready for me. 

I'm sure many of you can relate to busy weekends chasing the kids around with back to back events. I find myself running from one place to another without a lot of time for primping, but still wanting to look nice. Early morning softball tournaments with my daughter had me dressing in the dark, grabbing whatever was on the top of the stack in my dresser while trying not to wake the entire family.  Meanwhile, the cute clothes I just bought are somewhere, folded up, lonely, waiting to be reached for someday.

In between events, I could usually be found tearing through my closet changing outfits, leaving a pile of clothes in my wake. For instance, after a chilly early morning softball game,  it's time to shed a few layers to transition into a sunny, warm, afternoon football game. From there, it's a dinner date with the hubs and some friends. It's time to change again, all while trying to look nice and pulled together in a hurry.  

Without any planning and prepping this was leading me to frustration. Now, I look forward to my Friday night dates with my Wardrobe Planning Center. This is when I get to have a little fun while preparing for a busy weekend. I've really enjoyed taking a little bit of time to put together outfits and experiment with new looks for the weekend ahead. I've noticed by doing this, I'm able to wear a lot of the same staple pieces and just change a piece or two to transition my clothes between events. 

You can see here in the photos how this particular weekend I prepared several mix and match outfits. Everything I needed to get me through four softball games, two football games, a dinner date, church and shopping was planned out and ready to go. Including my accessories, purse, boots and blanket for the late night game. 

Above the shelf, I framed a little motivational quote for those moments when I feel stressed. My goal in this project was mainly to make my busy weekends a little easier so I can enjoy every moment. I love this time with my family, this set up has made helped me keep up with it all without feeling like I look like a hot mess. However, something else also has turned into an attractive design element in my bedroom. I really enjoy looking at my favorite fashions and accessories. 

I love how projects like these remind me of how our homes can work for us and still look pretty. This organizational area was meant to be functional and make my life easier, and at the same time it added to the aesthetics of my bedroom. Real life is beautiful! 

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