Mother's Day Brunch Tablescape Blog Hop

Today, I am excited to join 5 other bloggers on a week long blog hop sponsored by Balsam Hill in honor of Mother's Day. Balsam Hill asked me to create a Mother's Day Brunch tablescape feauring one of their beautiful Artificial Floral Arrangements, and share my thoughts on motherhood.

I think that one of my most important job's as a mother, is to pass down the love from a long line of mothers before me to my children. Having strong family roots has helped me through hard times in my life. I hope that honoring past generations of my family and of my husbands family in our daily life will instill this comfort and peace in my children as well. Since I have a passion for homemaking and decorating, I use our home as a way to honor family and carry on traditions. 

For instance, looking at this Mother's Day Brunch table I set for my family, I see more than just a nice tablescape. I see hints of my mom, my grandmother, my husbands mom and her mother. 

Boxwood and tulips always remind me of my mom. Growing up, our courtyard featured a path to the front door lined with hundreds of tulips and boxwood shrubs. Most summertime evenings my mom could be found in her gardens weeding, trimming and watering. This is where we would share our day with her and have intimate conversations. It may be why to this day boxwood and tulips can be found around my home.

(The Balsam Hill Faux Floral Arrangement Featured here is called The Boxwood Topiary in Tuscan Planter)

Cobalt blue beaded candle holders remind me of my Grandma. They represent childhood memories of visiting her during the summer. She was an antique dealer and had an extensive collection of vintage cobalt glassware that we used for family meals at her home. From the time I was very little until this day, whenever I see cobalt glassware I think of her and remember those fun visits to her home in Traverse City, Michigan.

Our heirloom milk glass tea cups remind me of my husbands Grandma. She had a passion for entertaining her children and grandchildren during the holidays. When I married into the family, I was immediately welcomed into their traditions which included big family dinners.  Memories of those good times are present whenever we use these milk glass tea cups that we inhereted after she passed away. 

On the menu for Mother's Day is a special recipe that my Mother in Law passed on to me early in my marriage to her son. In addition to being very hardworking, she is a gentle and loving mother and grandmother. When my husband and the kids are in need of comfort food, I make them her special lasangna. It's unlike any other version we've ever had, using Swiss Cheese in place of Mozzarella. Although mine never turns out as well as hers, it still reminds us of her and her love. 

For dessert, it's a local Detroit area favorite and known to my kids as "mom's favorite" Bumpy Cake.

My ultimate hope as a Mom is for the love I have for my family to be remembered. If future generations can look at something (like a flower, a candle holder, a tea cup or a certain food) and it sparks a happy memory that makes them feel loved, then I'll consider my mission accomplished.

Tomorrow, stop by My Sweet Savannah to see the tablescape she created using a Balsam Hill Floral arrangement and hear her thoughts on motherhood. I am really hoping she shares one of her amazing recipes! For more inspiring Mother's Day Brunch ideas, you can join the blog hop from the beginning...

Thursday-That's me!

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*I received a Faux Floral Arrangement from Balsam Hill to facilitate this post.


  1. I love your thoughts, memories and heart about your family represented on your beautiful table. I can't wait to read about the bumpy cake...sounds interesting.
    Hope you have a wonderful mothers day!

  2. I like how you share your memories with us using your blog. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Treasures of memories in real time from the legacy of loving moms is felt in this post. I love the blue and how you were able to incorporate things from both sides of your families and pointing to loving mothers and grandmothers. The topiary in the planter provided some height and the white tulips on the place setting bring out the charger in such a subtle way. Beautiful in tone and visually!


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