Antler Evergreen Holiday Centerpiece

This holiday season, if you would like a simple, large scale, fresh evergreen centerpiece that won't cost a fortune...look now further than your own front yard. Using clippings from your landscape, you can create amazing centerpieces and holiday accents without spending a dime. 

Here is an example, I put together this centerpiece in just a few minutes and it brought holiday cheer to my dining table for the entire week. I used a simple white vase I had on hand, naturally shed antlers from my neighbor, faux berries from the craft store, and evergreen clippings from our bushes,

In order to keep the greens fresh for a week, I stuck a small clear vase filled with water inside my large white vase. This vase-inside-a-vase trick will keep the white vase from sweating on my table causing damage to the finish. 

I absolutely adore these faux red berries from the craft store. I use them in many different areas around the house through the holiday season. 

My neighbor and his friends collect naturally shed antlers from all over. This year, I grabbed a handful from him and gave them the glitter treatment. You can read the details in this post; How To Make Glittered Antlers. 

Today is the first day of the 2014 Holiday Housewalk presented by Jen Rizzo. I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing tour of homes for the second year in a row. Jen will be your tour guide all week long. Today, she is kicking off the event with a look into her very own Christmas home, it is absolutely gorgeous!  We'll be sharing my 2014 Christmas Home on Thursday. Happy decorating!


  1. Very pretty! I love bringing real greens into our home and they mix well with faux greenery too. I would love to find some shed antlers.

  2. Love this, Sarah! So simple and elegant. It fits your room perfectly!


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