What Inspired Your Latest Home Project

Brought to you by Blogher and Crystal Light. 
Recently, I was given the opportunity participate in Crystal Light's Liquid Living Vibrantly Campaign.  I was asked to sample Crystal Light Liquid while searching for inspiration for a summertime project that would bring flavor and vibrancy to my life.  

 In addition to my family, things that bring vibrancy to my life is a passion for home design and the hunt for a great find.  Funny how inspiration works, that very same day as I was unpacking backpacks, I was struck by a fantastic one-of-a-kind original painting by my son, Cameron. The colors were a "vibrant" combination of turquoise and red.  I immediately pictured a summertime home decor vignette inspired by his amazing art...

Of course, the piece would need a unique frame from one of my local thrift shops.
Cameron's art, a summertime decor vignette and a thrifting adventure, my "living vibrantly" project fell right into place.

Here it is…

Here's a behind the scenes look at how it came together...
Since Cam's art was the center of my project, I asked him to join me on the frame hunt.  Thrifting with Cam was a blast.  He found certain items particularly amusing…  

  He determined it was only fair that if I was going to photograph him popping tags that he got paybacks.  So here I am giving him the official we-found-the-perfect-frame thumbs up.

 Cam's original painting was a bit large so we stopped at the office supply store and asked them to reduce the size to fit inside our frame. 

I removed the painting from our thrift store frame, spray painted it glossy black and inserted Cam's art covered by a piece of pre-cut plexiglass.

Using the art as my color road map, I created a vibrant summertime vignette in our living room bookcase.

I scored bright turquoise and red serving pieces in the clearance section of a discount home store.  

We are enjoying the new pop of color in the living room.  It has us excited for summertime entertaining.

What I love most is that Cameron's art is the center of this project.

Thank you, Crystal Light Liquid and Blogher for giving me the opportunity to sample the new delicious Crystal Light Liquid and create a project that involved my three passions; my family, home design and a deal hunt.  My interpretation of "living vibrantly".

What inspired your most recent home decor project?  Please let me know in the comments below to be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card.


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  1. Your home is my inspiration. I've been in love with it since I first saw it a couple of years ago. Finances haven't allowed me to do anything yet, but I keep watching craigslist for possible items to transform.
    I love love love your home!

    1. Teagirl, thank you. What a nice thing to say. How exciting to think about future projects, feel free to share your transformations on my facebook page. :) Sarah

  2. the need for homeschool organization inspired my recent project. I sold a piece of furniture that wasn't functional, and used the money to purchase two bookshelves. Now our homeschool area (aka. dining room) looks more organized and can still function as a place to entertain guests and teach my kids. Looking at other homeschooling mom blogs also helped to give me ideas on how to organize our room.

  3. I need to add some pops of color to our walls and sofa. Maybe paintings, pillows, etc. Love you blog! I always feel inspired after reading it and looking at the gorgeous pictures. Thank you!

  4. Love the way your project turned out! The inspiration behind my most recent project (living room re-do) was all the constant pinterest drooling and the lack of light in there finally got to me! I found a moorish tile shaped mirror for a steal and it finally through me into high gear! Thanks for the help in constant inspiration! :)

    1. Thank YOU Erin for stopping by. Pinterest is so (addicting) inspiring isn't it?

  5. The project turned out beautiful. I love the aqua colored bowls. There are many times when I wish you were here. This house is our down-sized version but oh my! does it have its challenges. Too many windows and small rooms whereby its hard to place furniture. Your decor style is so inspiring. You do a fantastic job.

  6. Hi Sarah, i love the artwork done by your son! I especially love that you used it as your inspiration. My recent projects were inspired by below: My Dining room- inspired by my trip to versailles hall of mirrors in France. My hubby's office was inspired by your tutorial on picture frame molding and a model home visit done in all navy. Our powder room was inspired by a restoration hardware ad for the St. James Bath Collection... I am very excited to see where I get my next inspiration from, as we have a lot more to do on our house. I was inspired to start a blog from following yours and a couple others i found on Pinterest, now that i have a house of my own i thought it would be nice to share my ideas to give back a little for all of the good ideas I have got! Thanks for the chance to share!

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