Get Well Tray

Ever since my kids were little, when one of them is not feeling well I set up a tv tray next to their bed with things the soothe them.  The kids know right away when someone in the house is sick because the infamous tray makes it's appearance.

Recently, I upgraded our little bedside get-well-tray...

   I picked up a cute, black folding tray at Target.  It looked particularly nice in Hannah's room so I decided to keep it in there for her to use as needed.

Not long after placing the simple black table in her room,  Laura Dro and Hattan Home contacted me to see if I would like to select something to sample from their latest collections.  Of course my answer was a big yes, and that is how Hannah's get-well-tray came to be so pretty.

(Please note, I received free product to write this post).

While browsing through Artist Laura Dro's collection, I immediately fell in love with her customizable lucite trays.   Each tray comes with gorgeous, removable artwork that allows you to change up the look of the tray.  To start, I ordered the frette work design with Hannah's monogram. 

I placed the tray on top of her new black folding tray and accessorized it with a sweet hydrangea, a candle and a chic water bottle from Hattan Home. I have to say, this little Glass Water Bottle is a major upgrade to disposable plastic bottles.  Not only does it serve a purpose on a bedside table, but it doubles as a cute accessory.  Who else agrees that water taste so much better from glass?

The older my daughter gets, the more time she spends in her room.  I realized that while this little tray will come in handy when she is sick, it will also provide a place to keep supplies close while she's working on homework in there.    

Our infamous get well tray looks so sweet now. It's almost like a get-well card came to life. It got me thinking…wouldn't this little collection be a fantastic kit to gift someone that's not feeling well?!

Thank you Laura Dro and Hattan Home for sending me these items to write this product review.  
To see more beautiful Laura Dro artwork, please visit  The unique and fun Hattan Home Treats for Your Home Collection can be seen at


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  1. Love that you do that for your kiddos. Laura is awesome! Love her art and her trays :)

  2. I love this idea of making your child feel special. It makes me sad when you said the older she gets the more she will be in her room. I have a six and a half year old daughter who is attached at my hip. However I know the day will come when she hits that certain age where she would rather be by herself in her own space.


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