Sentimental Christmas In The Bedroom

Each year I decorate our master bedroom for the Holidays.  I love starting and ending my day surrounded by reminders that it's Christmas.  In the bedroom I like to use items that have special meaning to my husband and I.  Some of these things technically are not Christmas related, but can be incorporated into conventional holiday decor elements such as the tree. 

One year, I decorated our tree with our Great Grandmothers vintage costume jewelry.
This year the tree is dedicated to mementos from when our children were babies.  

(Click here for a tutorial on the DIY Illuminated Mercury Glass Orbs shown on my dresser)

I hung the first baby shoes worn by each of our three children on the tree with a bow.  A special hat knitted for our fourth baby in Heaven reminds us of our Christmas angel.  A gold frame ornament with a photo of each baby on their first birthday and the family Christening gown are also part of the display. 

In addition to our baby mementoes, ornaments used to decorate the tree are a combination of thrift store finds and vintage balls.  Last year, I wrote about the day I hit the mother load of Christmas ornaments at the Goodwill.  It was a fun day of thrifting with my family that I'm reminded of every time I look at our tree.  

Under the tree, I placed my glittered antlers on top of a DIY tree skirt (the companion curtain panel to the one used to cover my slipper chair).  These real antlers were a yard sale find that I painted and covered in glitter (tutorial can be found here)

For the scent of Christmas, I placed a simple bouquet of fresh greens (evergeen, cedar and boxwood) on the bedside table.  

This angel was made for me when I bought my first home by my Aunt, folk artist MShaw.  She sits in my vintage slipper chair that I recovered with a curtain panel. 

The snow globe below was a craft project my mom created with a cheese plate and glass dome found at a Habitat Re-Store. 

To cozy up the bed for winter, I covered our toss pillows in faux fur and nubby chevron pillow covers found at Hobby Lobby.  

Thanks for stopping by our Christmas bedroom. 
 To take my full 2013 Christmas home tour, click here.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours. 

Paint colors used in this room are "Brown Fox" by Ralph Lauren and "Tailors Chalk" by Martha Stewart.  For details on my brand new "wood" floors from Sams Club, click here. 

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  1. Sarah, I love the sentiment in this themed decor idea!

  2. this is beautiful. can't wait to hear how you made the balls on the dresser!

  3. Wow your room is so gorgeous, classy and calming. And your tree is absolutely beautiful and I love the sentimental items that represent your family! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sarah, I love the baby shoes and bows - so cute. Darling tree - it's just my color aesthetic. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love it! The tree, your room and those stunning paint colors....


  6. Sarah,
    Thank you for the mercury globe tutorial.....but I have a question, how would one go about getting a more 'bronze- like' mercury glass look? I know that authentic mercury glass was most always silver, but I'd like some with a warmer color. You can buy faux mercury glass ornies etc with the warmer or even reds, greens etc.. Your tutorial has been the closest to what I've wanted!

  7. I also wanted to ask you if you know how to make the mercury glass in more of a bronze color. I've seen faux mercury glass in different colors other than the traditional silver and have wanted to do some in bronze or antique gold.
    There was an entry on another blog where the blogger had appeared to do some in the color I want, but she never responded to my inquiry. Any suggestions or help in directing me towards a tutorial would be greatly appreciated.


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